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Last Updated 12/28/2007

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Gregory Graham, a Fulton County police officer, was charged this week with child molestation, incest and rape.
He was arrested at his home in Coweta County where the charges are pending.

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Gregory Graham was taken back to Georgia Tuesday.
Graham, 34, a former SWAT team member with the Fulton County Police Department, did not appear at a bond hearing in Coweta County last week. Instead, he fled to Panama City Beach and hid until he was caught by Bay County Sheriff's deputies early Saturday morning. Georgia authorities picked him up from the Bay County Jail Tuesday afternoon, jail officials said. Graham is charged with two counts of child molestation, four counts of incest, two counts of possession of drugs (anabolic steroids), one count of possession of drugs with intent to distribute and criminal attempt to suborn perjury. Bay County officials plan to charge Graham with two counts of burglary and a firearm charge, Sheriff's spokeswoman Ruth Sasser said Tuesday. On Wednesday night, authorities tracked Graham to a hotel room at the Sunset Inn on Surf Drive. Deputies impounded Graham's silver Dodge Dakota and stormed his motel room, according to an incident report. They found a sawed-off shotgun, his passport and several magazines for a .45-caliber pistol, the report stated. They did not find Graham or the pistol, deputies wrote in an incident report. After he lost his room, Graham broke into and slept in several boats docked at Grand Lagoon, investigators said. The Sheriff's Office helicopter spotted Graham as he lay in a patch of weeds 50 feet east of the Joan Avenue bridge and south of the North Lagoon waterway at about 3 a.m. Saturday, according to an incident report. "I observed Gregory lying on his back covered in blood," a deputy wrote in an incident report. He added that Graham was holding a knife to his throat and had slit his left wrist from his hand to his elbow. Graham did not have the missing .45, investigators said. As he held the knife to his throat, negotiators began talking with Graham. Graham asked for several things but got only one concession, officials said. Georgia officials agreed not to put him in a Coweta County jail. Graham was concerned that criminals he had put behind bars would be at the Coweta facility, officials said. Graham finally surrendered after speaking to his father by cell phone, deputies wrote.

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Former police officer Gregory Allen Graham, 34, pleaded guilty in Coweta Superior Court Friday morning to charges that include incest, child molestation, possession of narcotics and criminal attempt to suborn perjury.
He admittedly had an ongoing sexual relationship with a female relative that began in November 2007 when the victim was 14 years old. Judge Jack Kirby accepted Assistant District Attorney Kevin McMurry's plea recommendation and sentenced Graham to 30 years with 18 years to serve in prison confinement on the charge of incest. Upon release, Graham must register as a sex offender. Kirby sentenced Graham to prison time on each of the criminal charges in the 15-count indictment, all to run concurrently. As Graham was ushered -- shackled -- into court, the victim burst into tears. Graham never showed emotion or looked around the room. An elevated police presence was on hand for the plea hearing. Noticeably absent from the proceedings were Graham's mother and father. Graham's father, Charles, a retired captain from the Fulton County Police Department, was arrested on July 10, 2008, and charged with criminal attempt to suborn perjury and false swearing after he helped his son get in touch with the victim. The two have been present at all of Graham's court proceedings, even when Graham wasn't. Graham did not deny the facts in the case as presented by McMurry in court Friday. According to McMurry, Graham began having sexual intercourse with the victim three to four times per week in November 2007. Graham also absconded to Florida while out of jail on bond in November. Graham was located over the Thanksgiving holiday because of the efforts of Coweta Sheriff's investigators Jason Fetner and Matt Kee. Graham was extradited back to Coweta County on Dec. 2. The victim's mother told the court Friday morning, "Our lives will never be the same after this past year." "I have witnessed what I would not wish on my worst enemy," she continued. "I watch [the victim] carry guilt for Greg every day of her life." But, she added, "we will survive." The victim shared her emotional testimony and discussed the difficult journey of healing that lies ahead. "I've lost everything I once had," the victim said. "I'm not doing this to prosecute him," she said, adding that she's telling the truth because it's the right thing to do. But the victim told the court that she wonders how she's going to survive each day. "I'm going through the exact same thing [as Graham]," said the victim, adding that the only difference is that she won't be criminally prosecuted. The victim said she got "caught up in what he called love." For a while, she "defended him," but later realized that he "wasn't returning the favor." At one point, Graham asked her to tell the court that she was insane, according to the victim. She concluded by saying that she ultimately seeks to forgive Graham, not hate him. Graham declined to make a comment when given the opportunity to address the court.

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