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Minister and Author at Essene Church of Christ

P.O. Box 516, Elmira, Oregon, United States
Essene Church of Christ
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Last Updated 2/16/2017

General Information

Employment History

Research  - KLA


American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

Amherst College

M. D.  - 

M.D.  - Columbia University

M.D.  - Hippocrates Health Institute

M.D.  - Life Institute

M.D.  - Nutrition , Cousens' School of Holistic Wellness

M.D. degree  - Columbia Medical School

MD  - University of Integrated Science California

Master Essene Teacher  - 

Master of Arts degree  - Vegan and Live Food Nutrition , University for Integrative Learning

Masters Intensive  - Spiritual Nutrition Mastery Program , Cousens' School


Board Member  - UISCA

Founder and Primary Professor  - Cousens' School of Holistic Wellness

Diplomat  - American Board of Holistic Medicine

National Advisor  - International Yoga College

Honorary Board Member  - American Medical College of Homeopathy

Medical Advisory Board Member  - Juice Guru Academy

Founder  - Culture of Life Institute

Board Member  - Raw Vegan Radio

Advisory Board Member  - Energy Medicine Foundation

Founder  - Peace Every Day Initiative

Member  - LULAC

Founder  - Patagonia , Inc.

Founder  - Super

The Healers' Campaign Advisor  - Dr. Craig

Founder  - Tree of Life Center US

Member of the Board of Trustees  - American Holistic Medical Association

Chief Mental Health Consultant for the Sonoma County Operation Head Start and A Consultant  - California State Department of Mental Health

Founder  - Raw Life Inc

Founder  - The Resonance Project Foundation

Founder  - Petaluma People Services Center

Founder  - Revolutionary Webinars

Adopted Member  - Sioux Nation Ag

Founder  - thePeace Everyday Initiativeto

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The Ceres Community Project - RESOURCES

Conscious Eating, Gabriel Cousens, M.D., North Atlantic Books and Essene Vision Books, 2000

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Gabriel Cousens
Gabriel Cousens Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD, Dip. Ayurveda, Dip. American Board of Holistic Medicine, is a holistic physician, psychiatrist, family therapist, world acknowledged kundalini master and spiritual teacher, and a grandfather of three. He is the chief rabbi of the Essene Order of Light, and bestselling author of the books Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and Awakening the Kundalini, Creating Peace by Being Peace, Conscious Eating, and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine. He is director of the Tree of Life Foundation and the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre in Patagonia, Arizona, where he facilitates transformation programs and spiritual retreats year round. He is a lineage holder in the Nityananda liberation tradition, and acknowledged as liberated by his two recognized enlightened spiritual teachers. He is an in-depth teacher of Advaita Vedanta, japa yoga, bhakti yoga, nada yoga, and karma yoga. Gabriel Cousens is the clan chief of the Lakota Spirit Dance, a Native American Sundancer, and an ordained rabbi in the Bal Shem Tov Hassidic lineage. He is the living example of the walk between the B'limah and the Mah, the something and the nothing. His vision and mission is to co-participate in the awakening of humanity. To learn more about Gabriel Cousens and the Culture of Life and Enlightenment go to

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Prominent Doctors and Leaders in Health and Fitness - 7xFit - Lifestyles For Better Health And Fitness

Gabriel Cousens Physician M.D., Homeopath, and Spiritual Writer
An American physician M.D., homeopath, and spiritual writer who practices holistic medicine. Dr. Cousens advocates live foods therapy, a nutritional regimen which he says can cure diabetes, depression and other chronic degenerative diseases. He is the founder of the "Essene Order of Light", an offshoot of a New Age religion based upon modern interpretations of the Essenes, an ancient Jewish sect, teachings from the Jewish Kabbalah and the Torah, and Hindu beliefs. Essene Order of Light is taught by Cousens at "Tree of Life Foundation", an organization directed by Dr. Cousens and headquartered in Patagonia, Arizona.

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