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Botanist and the Curator  - Kirstenbosch Conservatory

Leading Horticulturist  - Kirstenbosch Conservatory

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The Peninsula's king of indigenous shade gardening is Kirstenbosch's Ernst van Jaarsveld.
For decades, he has advised gardeners which indigenous, and even endemic, plants are suited to dry, shady areas and narrow alleyways that never see the sun. "Dry shade is probably the most common problem, and is usually found beneath trees and shrubs," he says. "By choosing local indigenous plants to suit this situation, rather than battle against it, you will greatly reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep your garden thriving. And you will be working in harmony with nature, which means you will also make your garden more attractive to wildlife." One of the causes of dry conditions beneath trees is root competition between plants' roots and trees' surface roots. Van Jaarsveld says: "Plants adapted to dry shade often feature large, leathery or succulent leaves, while smaller, ground-covering plants have fleshy roots or bulb scales."

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Ernst van Jaarsveld - Photographer
Ernst is a botanist and the curator of the Kirstenbosch Conservatory in Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town. He has been awarded the Senior Captain Scott medal by the Academy of Science of South Africa for his research on South African plants, the Dudley D'Ewes medal from the Botanical Society for the promotion of South African plants and the Hans Herre medal from the succulent society of South Africa. Ernst has authored more than 200 articles, co-authored numerous books including Wonderful Waterwise Gardening, Cotyledon & Tilcodon, Succulents of South Africa, Gaterias of South Africa and Vygies, Gems of the Veld. Ernst is making available his personal collection of photographs taken over 20 years of field research and numerous extensive hiking and climbing expeditions into the Richtersveld and the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa.

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A granite outcrop south-east of the Brackenfell residential area has been identified by Ernst van Jaarsveld, a leading horticulturist at Kirstenbosch, as an area of great botanical interest.

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