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Last Updated 3/25/2017

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OntoPilot LLC

Amazon.com, Inc.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX-a Space Launch Vehicle Company  - solarcitybillingservices.com

Chief Executive Officer  - Toyota Motor Corp.

Chief Executive Officer - Tesla  - FishEye Software Inc

Chief Executive Officer  - CEO.com

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Product Architect  - Automotive News

Chief Executive Officer and Founder  - Hyperloop Technologies Inc.

Chief Executive Officer  - two companies

FRSA Events and Networks Manager  - TFPL Ltd

Founder and Chief Executive Officer  - Teslaccessories LLC

Engineer  - Entrepreneur.com Inc

Chairman  - Strategic News Service LLC

Chief Executive Officer  - SpaceDaily.Com


English-speaking Waterkloof House Preparatory School

Pretoria Boys High School

Queen's College



B.S.  - University of Pennsylvania

B.S.  - economics , The Wharton School

PhD  - Applied physics , Stanford University

business degree  - Wharton

degrees  - economics and physics , University of Pennsylvania

graduate degree  - high energy density capacitor physics & materials science , Stanford University

honorary doctorates  - Design , Aerospace Engineering and Engineering and Technology , Art Center College of Design

second degree  - Stanford


Board of Advisors Member  - The National Society of High School Scholars

Founder  - SolarCity Corporation

Founder  - Neuralink

Trustee  - X PRIZE Foundation

Board Member  - World Spine Care

Trustee  - Musk Foundation

Board Member  - General Motors

Co-Founder  - Google Inc.

Scientific Advisory Board Member  - Future of Life Institute

Member of the Engineering Advisory Board  - Stanford University

Board Member  - Conrad Foundation

Board Member  - The Planetary Society

Engineering Advisory Board  - The National Academies Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board

Board Member  - VC Confidential

Board Member  - Halcyon Molecular

Board of Trustees Member  - SETI Institute

Member  - The Mars Society

Member, White House Advisory Councils  - President Trump's

Founder  - BNQT Babes

Founder  - Spa..

Founder  - Fidelity

Founder  - Own School

Member, Advisory Board  - Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

Member, Advisory Council  - Trump

Founder  - Disney

Founder  - Robert Iger

Member of the Board of Trustees  - California Institute of Technology

Founder  - AI research company OpenAI

Voting Member  - COMSTAC

Founder of Craigslist  - Craig Newmark

Strategic and Policy Forum Member  - HealthLeaders Inc.

Founder  - Twitter Tesla

Member of Business Panel  - Mr Trump's

Chief Executive Officer  - Zip2 Corporation

Co-Founder  - PayPay Inc.

Founder  - x.com

Founder  - Uber Inc

Member  - the United States National Academy of Sciences Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board

Board Member  - Everdream Corporation

Founder  - ATVM

Founder  - The Boring Company

Founder  - Peter

Founder  - New Ai Inc

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Musk Gets A Verbal Thumbs Up For A NY T0 DC Hyperloop
Elon Musk started the "Boring Company" with the vision of moving traffic congestion underground and safely speeding it along at 10 X the speed of most Interstate Highways. Musk tweeted "Still a lot of work needed to receive formal approval, but am optimistic that will occur rapidly."

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