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Last Updated 5/3/2010

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Eileen Holderman

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Co-Cure Weekly Digest of research and medical posts only - 5 Feb 2007 to 12 Feb 2007

[Thanks to Eileen Holderman, Chair of the NJCFSA
Publicity Committee for providing us with the PDF document.]

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November 2011 CFSAC Meeting Summary

CFSAC member Eileen Holderman reported on the review of the CDC’s CFS website by members of the CFSAC and advocate Dr. Lily Chiu.
Ms. Holderman described their detailed review of the website, which was then discussed with CDC representatives Dr. Elizabeth Unger and Dr. Ermias Belay. While the information on the website is accurate, CFSAC members felt the tone was disrespectful and the spectrum of information presented was highly selective. They reported that CDC appeared receptive to their concerns, particularly the misuse of information from the website by insurance companies. Drs. Unger and Belay described the process for considering input and making revisions to the website.

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