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Photon Sound Beam

Photon Sound Beam

Photon Sound Beam

International Director
The Skilling Institute

Pioneer Researcher and Inventor In Electro Medicine

Senior Electronics Design Engineer
General Dynamics

Section Head of Experimental Electronics
General Dynamics

Position In Medicine
Energetic Medicine Research Ltd

Energy Medicine Researcher
Energetic Medicine Research Ltd


The Skilling Institute

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Ed Skilling Photon Sound Beam

www.braintuner.com [cached]

Ed Skilling is a pioneer researcher and inventor in electro-therapy. His life work has been dedicated to healing the human body. He worked in Aerospace engineering from 1950 to 1983 before establishing his own company, E.F. Skilling, Inc. He continued building electronic devices for electro-therapy, as a designer, including pulse and neuromuscle stimulators, the SuperPro, the Photon Sound Beam and the Sound Magi. The U.S. Psychotronics Foundation awarded him the "Man of the Year" award for his Sweep Resonator.

1998 Interview of Inventor - Ed Skilling - by Leading Edge Newspaper
LE: Ed, tell us about yourself.
Ed: In 1983, I started my own company called E.F. Skilling, Inc.
Ed: I built an electron tube instrument that was solid state that we could put into production.
Ed: I've been working more and more with inert glass tubes and I don't know if you are familiar with James Bear, from Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Ed: He is a chiropractor who works with the Photon Sound Beam.
Ed: I'm testing a beam tube in California and we are using a combination of gasses like Argon, Xenon, and Krypton. My earlier experimental work with gas tubes was with pure Argon. Argon has a soothing effect on the psyche and is very compatible with the human body.
LE: What do the noble gases do on a cellular level in the body?
Ed: The summary effect of inert gases increased the blood supply to certain areas and increases oxygenation and nutrition. They increase the intake of oxygen and the output of carbon dioxide, as well as increasing secretions that produce the elimination of waste products. Active ozone is carried directly to the tissues.
LE: How do you protect yourself from the FDA these days?
Ed: I am a designer, an inventor in the field of electro-therapy.
Ed: No, because everything a medical doctor uses must be approved by the FDA, and they never approve anything electrical.
LE: Not even on an experimental basis?
Ed: You can call it experimental but you can't charge for it and you can't make any claims for it. However, a non-medical person can use it...a chiropractor, a massage therapist, any type of naturopathic physician can. MD's are limited to their use os equipment, which as to be approved by the FDA.
LE: So, a non-medical person can use the equipment, as long as no claims are made for it?
Ed: They can use it as a part of a massage therapy. Chiropractors have neuromuscle stimulators and they do not have to have FDA approval. They just make no claims as with any massage tool.
LE: As a massage tool, what does the Photon Sound Beam do?
Ed: It accelerates the lymph movement in the lymph ducts without your having to have a lymph massage. Let me say that, for the sake of simplicity.
LE: Do you have any final comments?
Ed: The cells produce energy needed to kill whatever is a problem.
Ed: Well, the Sound Magi is in a very small package which you can also plug into the cigarette lighter socket of an automobile and take it with you. It can also be plugged into a wall socket at home with an electrical cord. You can use it both ways.
LE: Okay.
Ed: This is an interesting instrument. When we raised the frequency to the very high frequency spectrum of this particular instrument, which we've had for some time, now, we began to notice that pain would be relieved in just minutes - sometimes, only two to three minutes. So, we thought that a lot of people get tired when they drive their automobiles, and we gave one to a friend, who drives a lot around the city, and she says that it's been a blessing, because she doesn't have the discomfort she used to have. She just puts it behind her back or on her shoulders, and she can drive all day long without any discomfort.
Ed: Yes. It's part of the Photon Sound Beam instrumentation. It plugs into the back of the box that also holds the two Noble gas tubes.
LE: For those readers who might not have read the previous interview, why don't you give a thumbnail sketch of the Photon Sound Beam instrument.
Ed: Well, the Sound Magi, which is a technology that I developed while I was in New Zealand in 1990, was originally called a Sound Probe. It was a short-wave frequency, but it was in the lower range of the short-wave band. It would get rid of pain, but it would take a longer time.
LE: Okay.
Ed: So, when this was developed in New Zealand, it was found to help very rapidly with infections of all types.
Ed: The gas tubes were developed to move fluids in the body, meaning blood, to increase blood circulation, and lymphatic fluid, urine and intestinal feces, increasing the flow of fluids wherever the instrument is placed.
Ed: At the same time your body absorbs oxygen, it produces some ozone, which is absorbed in the skin.
Ed: Well, people have claimed to eliminate large lumps that have been created by blockages in the lymph nodes - even lumps as large as a ping-pong ball - in as little as 15 minutes.
Ed: Of course.
SKILLING: It's electrical. There's a very low-frequency pulse at a power of micro-Amperes, because the skin is very sensitive, we use very little energy. You would barely feel anything - perhaps a little tingling sensation - but you wouldn't feel any electrical shock type of thing.
LE: So, it strengthens the facial muscles, and, as a result, the wrinkles go away?
Skilling: As an example, if you press down on your face and pull down, you'll see the wrinkles disappear. Your facial muscles and skin are strengthened.
LE: Well, we've gotten some great information. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Skilling: Well, my whole dedication is to find new and better ways to apply instruments to the body to make change for the planet.
Researcher and Practitioner who uses Skilling's Instruments
Ed Skilling's instruments affect the body's electrical frequencies both from the physical and also the multidimensional.
LE: Can you share some research information regarding Mr. Skilling's Photon Sound Beam?
LE: Well, I recall talking one day with Ed Skilling about the Photon Sound Beam and about the Nobel gas tubes and he said that, really,the bottom line --- in his opinion, was that they create magic.
Now, one thing that Ed Skilling talks about, in person and on videos, is that the body heals itself, not the technology. Basically, this technology that he has worked with since the 1950's and maybe before that, is like food for the body.
Well, by using Ed Skilling's Photon Sound Beam 20 to 35 minutes, 5 days a week, in a research situation, the child began to have improvements, such as keeping her room clean without being told to do so.

ELECTRO-MEDICINE AND ED SKILLING, technical data of the products

www.leadingedgenews.com [cached]

Ed Skilling's Handbook on Electro-Technology

Article From Heath and Healing
Article about New Dimensions
Article about New Face
My wife, Dee, and I have had the privilege of meeting and spending time with Ed Skilling, whom we consider to be one of the inventive geniuses of our time.Ed is 80 years of age, has the energy of a teenager, an easy-going good nature, and the wisdom of a wise man, which he is.
Dee and I have personally used Ed's revolutionary technologies for two and a half years and consider this experience a high light of our lives. several times each week we treat ourselves to a lymphatic massage, using the noble gas glass tubes of the Photon Sound Beam; then we use the New Dimension for the release of any deep-seated emotions that we may have.In short, we feel lighter, calmer, an more energized after these experiences.
We know that these instruments cost a few dollars, but we personally consider this expense an investment in our health, like good nutrition, vitamins or other health products.
Ed's desire is to assist humanity in becoming disease free, so that we can all live healthy lives.
Following is a quote from the history of gaseous tube and radio frequency technology provided by Ed Skilling, the inventor of the Photon Sound Beam:
In 1962 Bob Beck, an inventor friend of Ed Skilling's, came across a Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator in a gauge in San Diego, California and Mr. Beck built a shoebox size version of this huge instrument and gave it to Mr. Skilling who used the instrument to revalidate all of Lakhovsky's findings.
In 1962 Bob Beck, an inventor friend of Ed Skilling's, came across a Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator in a gauge in San Diego, California and Mr. Beck built a shoebox size version of this huge instrument and gave it to Mr. Skilling who used the instrument to revalidate all of Lakhovsky's findings.
In this same year, as quoted from the same historical source, "Skilling built the Sweep Resonator, a radio frequency instrument which generated tremendous HARMONICS at low power levels.The Resonator swept the entire electromagnetic (Em) spectrum from 0 to 50,000 Hertz by shifting frequencies every 2-3 minutes.
In the 1970's and 1980's Ed Skilling continued to research and develop this "electro therapy" technology in various ways.In 1983 Mr. Skilling retired as section head of Experimental Electronics at General Dynamics, started his own company, and began to manufacture this technology.
Over the years Mr. Skilling has modified this Lakhovsky-based technology which, in addition to strengthening the body's immune system and electrical balance (according to researchers), also, as an added benefit apparently "pumps the lymphatics' greatly assisting in the removal of toxins from the body.
Following are quotes by Mr. Skilling about his technology taken from a published interview:
The modern version of Lakhovsky's technology is what is called the Photon Sound Beam which was invented in the early 1990's by Mr. Skilling and has been distributed and researched all over the world.
Mr. Skilling has stated that various people who have attempted to clone or copy his technology, without his permission, "do not know what they are doing."He does not approve of this marketing and selling of instruments that bear his name and the name of his product, the Photon Sound Beam without his permission.
Mr. Skilling has worked with this technology since 1962, nearly 40 years.Just because a few other "engineers" get the idea that they can duplicate Mr. Skilling's detailed research does not mean that they can, obviously.
I will also state that I paid $2000 for one of these "clone" instruments some years ago, thinking that it was Mr. Skilling's technology, as that was how it was presented to me.I later found out, from personal experience, after meeting Mr. Skilling and purchasing one of his original instruments, that, in my opinion, the two instruments were NOT THE SAME.Mr. Skilling's Photon Sound Beam was my instrument of choice, by far, resulting in my company, KenDee Productions, becoming agents for the manufacturer, to make this technology more widely available to the public at large.KenDee Productions also makes available ongoing video tapes, audio tapes and other written material to educate the user of this technology.As far as I know, no one else does this.
Please refer to a copy of the testimonial attached from the HEALTH AND HEALING JOURNAL OF COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE from Australia.
Agent for manufacturer of Ed Skilling's
original and authentic technology
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1950's Ed Skilling, aerospace engineer and inventor, built sound transducers that used a series of tonal frequencies with extremely high harmonic content.These devices produced euphoria In test subjects.
1960 Skilling built a shoebox-sized pulse generator for his wife who broke her pelvis in an auto auto accident.After 15 weeks in the hospital. she returned home on crutches, in constant pain, hooked on nerve and pain pills and tranquilizers.Within 4 days she was pain and drug free.Ed started building units for friends with health problems.This type of device was denounced as quackery by the medical establishment until 1974, when transcutaneous electronic, neural stimulators were "invented".TENS units, as they are called today, are medical devices which require a prescription to use. (Note.- today's square wave type TENS units generate only electrical impulses and are used for injury and chronic pain.These units do not generate in the harmonics required to devitalize bacteria and viruses and to restore electrical equilibrium to cells and organs).
1962 Skilling built the Sweep Resonator, a RF device which generated tremendous harmonics at low power levels.The Resonator swept the entire electromagnetic (Em) spectrum from 0 to 50,000 Hertz by shifting frequencies every 2-3 minutes.
Beck gave the device to Ed Skilling who used it for research to revalidate all of Lakhovsky's findings.
1984 Skilling modified a 1940's vintage quartz tube sunlamp with pulse frequencies.This tube was ionized by a RF signal at a frequency of 27.120 Megahertz.27.120 MHz is allocated for use in gaseous tube technology in the industrial, scientific and medical fields and is called the ISM frequency.This unit produced an ultraviolet (UV) light that would kill an oncoming cold in 5 minutes.It is a well-known fact in the medical community that UV kills bacteria and viruses.UV is used in water purification systems.In hospitals to sterilize equipment and in many other applications.One alternative treatment for AIDS uses UV to "cleans a patient's blood of viruses and other pathogens.
1980's Ed Skilling designed his 2nd generation frequency generator, the FG 2.He added a capacitor to block harmful DC current from the output. and a digital frequency counter to set precise universal Rife frequencies.
1987 Skilling designed the FG 3 with solid state integrated circuitry and a rotary switch to precisely control the 3 prose frequencies.The FG 3 proved to be less effective than earlier models", until Skilling pulsed the signal.
1988 Skilling created the 4th generation FG 4 unit.The pulsed signal proved to be critical when using solid sum electronics.A continuous square wave signal loses effect on the human body after 20-30 minutes.Pulsing the signal gives the body chemistry time to adjust.Preventing accommodation.As an added benefit, Skilling found that the pulsed signal pumped lymphatics, greatly assisting in the removal of toxins from the body.The FG 4 was so effective in research that Skilling was asked to build units for sale.Being a scientist Interested in research and constantly improving his devices.Skilling gave his business to his daughter and son-in-law, who began building and marketing the FG 4 units, later called the Super Pro Resonator.
1989 Ed Skilling, Inc., was raided by the State of Idaho Attorney General.An FDA agent and 50 local police confiscated all equipment, sealed company bank accounts and shut the business down.No Charges were ever filed by the state.The Super Pro Resonator earned over a half million dollars in royalties which continued for nearly a year after the company was shut down.The midwest company to which EF Skillings' products were licensed was closed down a year later by other state bureaucracies.That company grossed over a million dollars per month.
1990 Skilling designed an argon tube frequency generator for a cancer-stricken San Diego woman with tumors on 85% of her body.A 12 foot section of glass tubing was bent to fit a one foot square form.This heating grill-shaped device was Ionized with a source Of 50,000 volts from a primary source of 12 volts.Ed named this unit the "Bug Zapper".Thirty days after beginning treatment

FutureTechToday.com: Experimental Electromedical Devices -- Overview

www.emfsafe.com [cached]

Ed Skilling, originator of the Photon Sound Beam now brings us the Sound Magi.This portable broad spectrum frequency generator produces thousands of harmonic sound frequencies up into the gigahertz range (billions of cycles per second).This portable unit which operates on standard 110V AC house current or 12V DC via a cigarette lighter adapter (included) was designed by Ed Skilling, an electrical engineer who has built this type of instrument since the 1950s.Ed Skilling has earned much respect in this field over the years and has eliminated the guesswork which is involved in the operation of many frequency instruments.

Ed Skilling made this possible in a solid state device with his decades of radio engineering experience.
Ed Skilling made this possible in a solid state device with his decades of radio engineering experience.

Alternative Cancer Therapy Tips

www.edskilling.com [cached]

Ed Skilling

This is a brief introduction to alternative therapy from the Skilling Institute founded by Ed Skilling, electronics genius and world leader in electro-medicine.

Photon-Genius Energy Sauna Infrared Sauna

www.photongenius.com [cached]

International Director of the Skilling Institute (Ed Skilling's Photon Genie & Photon Genius)

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