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Last Updated 2/13/2009

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FBiH Minister  - Trade

Head  - SDA Caucus

Special Representative  - West Balkans

Tuzla Canton Minister  - Interior Sead Omerbegovic

Wants Representative for West Balkans  - United States

Butcher  - 

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Dnevni Avaz, pg 8 "122 for entire BiH", Glas Srpske, pg 7 "Cooperation between citizens and police" , Police agencies in BiH, in cooperation with the EU Police Mission, will today launch a two-month public information campaign aimed at strengthening communication between citizens and police, as well as promoting 122 as the number to phone for emergency incidents, which is available in the entire BiH.
BHT, RTRS, Dnevni Avaz, pg 12, Oslobodjenje, pg 3, Dnevni List, pg 6, Nezavisne Novine, pg 10 - A two-day seminar titled "Freezing of illegally gained property", organised by the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior Unit for Strategy, Planning and European Integrations, started in Banja Luka on Thursday. BHT, FTV, RTRS, Dnevni Avaz, pg 13, Glas Srpske, pg 2, Nezavisne Novine, pg 2 , The status of the suspended Assistant Minister of Security, Vjekoslav Vukovic, remains unchanged, Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers Nikola Spiric said on Thursday. Dnevni Avaz, pg 10 - "Zalkan admitted the crime, but his motives are very bizarre. NTV Hayat, Dnevni Avaz, front pg and pg 27, Nezavisne Novine, pg 17, Oslobodjenje, pg 25 - Two armed and masked men stormed into the Unicredit Bank in the center of Mostar, forcing the security guards to lie down on the ground, while employees were ordered to hand over the money. The robbers stole between 30,000 and 40,000 BAM. Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Police confirmed that one of suspects had been arrested. During the same night, the ATM of Turkish Ziraat Bank was also robbed of around 10,000 BAM. Sarajevo police arrest 19-year old for illegal gun possession Oslobodjenje pg 25, Dnevni Avaz, pg 24 , Officers of Novi Grad Police Administration in Sarajevo arrested Sabahudin Salihovic (19) on Wednesday afternoon, after he was found in possession of three guns. Police thought Salihovic was acting suspiciously, so they searched his handbag and found the weapons. Salihovic stated that he did not have gun permits and claimed that somebody asked him "to hide the guns somewhere." Sarajevo Canton Prosecutor's Office has been informed of the case. BHT, FTV, RTRS, NTV Hayat, Nezavisne Novine, pg 5, Vecernji List, pg 20, Glas Srpske, front page and pg 4, Dnevni Avaz, pg 9 - Djordje Zdrale (33) was deported last night to BiH from a prison in Germany. FTV, Dnevni Avaz, pg 12, Oslobodjenje, pg 9, Nezavisne Novine, pg 4 - Tuzla Canton Minister of Interior Sead Omerbegovic pleaded not guilty before the Municipal Court in Tuzla yesterday. BHT, RTRS, Dnevni Avaz, pg 8, Press RS, pg 4, Glas Srpske, pg 2, Nezavisne Novine, pg 2 , Miroslav Lajcak, the outgoing High Representative in BiH, believes that BiH is not ready to apply for EU membership as it does not function properly and is plagued by unresolved issues. Dnevni Avaz , FBiH Minister of Trade: ,Klas' prevents bread price reduction

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Glas Srpske, pg 2, Nezavisne Novine, pg 2, Dnevni Avaz, pg 12 - The RS Government's Law proposal on referendum and civic initiatives will be discussed by the RS National Assembly in an urgent procedure at a session scheduled for 9 February,
Dnevni Avaz, pg 2 - Ramiz Salkic, Head of the SDA Caucus in the RS National Assembly, has said that he expects the OHR "to finally put an end to the story of referendum in the RS, which undermines the state of BiH". Dnevni Avaz, pg 4, Oslobodjenje, pg 7 - The general elections in BiH this year must be seen as an opportunity and not a threat for the EU integration process, High Representative and EU Special Representative Valentin Inzko told a delegation of EU parliamentarians in Sarajevo yesterday. Dnevni Avaz - FBiH Minister for Veterans Affairs: Census for veterans to be urgently introduced

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Dnevni Avaz, pg 7 - Restoring the dignity of police officers, highlighting positive examples and providing information about basic strategic activities of the police is the main task of our 'STOP' magazine, which has been distributed to all police agencies in BiH, FMoI said in a press release yesterday.
Dnevni Avaz, pg 6 - Four traffic control cameras belonging to Zenica-Doboj Canton MoI registered 65.000 traffic violations on the Zenica-Doboj M17 road last year. Having in mind that a minimum fine for those caught on the camera committing a traffic violation is 400KM, these devices have 'earned' more than fantastic two million KM! Zenica-Doboj Canton MoI stresses that the purpose of the cameras is to prevent traffic accidents, adding that the number of accidents and fatalities on the M17 road has dropped considerably since these devices have been installed. Three police Golfs, with in-car speed detection devices, occasionally patrol the M17 road as well. > Incidents/crimes 'Derby' betting shop robbed in Mostar Dnevni Avaz, pg 26 - Betting shop 'Derby located in Splitska Street in Mostar was robbed at knifepoint by an unidentified man on Wednesday evening. Dnevni Avaz, front page and pg 3 - The USA has been considering the idea of appointing a special representative for the West Balkans, Avaz learns from reliable sources. Dnevni Avaz, pg 3 - US Senator John McCain will visit BiH in early February, Avaz learns. Dnevni Avaz, pg 11 - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Nebojsa Radmanovic has said that a meeting in Madrid, which is to gather BiH's leaders, CoM Chairman, and representatives of the International Community, cannot succeed if the basis for the talks is 'a repacked Butmir package'. "There is no need to discuss this package anymore, because Sulejman Tihic is the only leader who has accepted it. It is ridiculous to insist on something that nobody is going to accept and can only additionally complicate the current situation," Radmanovic said in an interview with Euro Blic. Front pages Dnevni Avaz - US wants representative for West Balkans? Oslobodjenje - Haiti is destroyed

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