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Cleveland and Bradley County will pause Wednesday evening, September 20, to pay tribute to Sergeant David Weir, recently killed in action during a firefight with insurgents in Baghdad, Iraq.Family, friends and the community at large will gather at 7:00pm in Bear Stadium at Bradley Central High School for a tribute to SGT Weir, a BCHS 2001 graduate, and member of the famed 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), based in Fort Campbell, KY.SGT Weir was mortally wounded last Thursday, September 14 (Iraq local), while on a security mission to round-up a dozen suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists in Baghdad.A medic, responding to Weir to treat his injuries, was also wounded in the action.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE: Tayrn Burgraff, 10-years old, David Weir's niece & Bo Still, Apache Troop, 278th Regimental Combat Team (formerly ACR), Tennessee Army National Guard, Cleveland/Bradley Armory.INVITATION TO MEET THE WEIR FAMILY: Attendees are invited to come onto the field and see pictures and other mementos of David Weir, see a video tribute to SGT Weir produced by Oak Grove Elementary School, and meet the Weir Family.

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Bradley News Weekly

The school recently unveiled a mural dedicated to former student Sergeant David Weir.The 24-year-old soldier was killed in a gun battle with Iraqi insurgents in September. Sergeant Weir attended Oak Grove School from 1989 to 1995.The school held a memorial service for its fallen son just days after the military announced his tragic death. The school is slowly recovering from the loss of David Weir.At the center of the mural is a picture of Sergeant David Weir riding on a humvee.It also shows several medals Weir received, including The Purple Heart. There is also a picture of David Weir sitting at a school desk drawing an army tank. Sergeant Weir's teachers will tell you he had a passion for the military from the time he entered school.He was known for including army tanks in practically all of his artwork. Several of his teachers spoke with The Bradley News about their former student and the work of art that so passionately conveys their love for him. "I am extremely proud that his legacy will live on," said school librarian Barbara Harrison, "Today's children need true heroes and David was a real hero." "We're a very patriotic school," says Elliott, "and the mural just brings out more of our patriotism-we all feel proud to have known David."

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Bradley News Weekly

Army specialist David Weir is no longer with us but his spirit was very much alive Wednesday, September 20.Inside the Bear Stadium where he once played football, hundreds attended a memorial service. Members of the current Bradley Central football team filed into the stadium one by one wearing black jerseys to show their respect to Weir and his grieving family.At least a dozen people, including relatives as well as city and state leaders, spoke during the ceremony. Former Bradley Central football coach Kent Smith also paid tribute to Sergeant Weir.Smith said we all could learn from David Weir's story. David Weir wore number 24 when he played for the BCHS Bears.During the service, that jersey was retired.Only Weir's son, 19-month old Gavin, will be allowed to wear the jersey if he chooses to play football for the Bears when he grows up. The audience also heard from Marc Whitmire, who was David Weir's best friend.The tribute to Sergeant Weir also included a 21-gun salute by members of the Chattanooga Military Funeral Honors Detail and a helicopter fly-over courtesy of the Knox County Sheriff's Department.

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