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Last Updated 12/5/2016

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Employment History

Circuit Judge  - Kentucky , Inc.

Charges Judge  - The Judicial Conduct Commission

Circuit Judge  - 34th Judicial Circuit

Major  - Marine Corps


University of Kentucky

University of Mississippi School of Law

Williamsburg High School

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August « 2012 « LawReader

LawReader has received several reports from Williamsburg in Whitley County concerning the conduct of Whitley Circuit Court Judge Dan Ballou.
/s/ Dan Ballou, Judge Whitley Circuit Court - Division I" This court order does not cite any legal authority for a blanket order forbidding a licensed attorney to enter his courtroom. The court order does not provide any findings of fact justifying the alleged threat of "disruption" of his court, nor does it cite any incidents where the attorney has actually disrupted a hearing or trial. LawReader invited a response and explanation from Judge Ballou but he has ignored our request for his version of this story. No other judge in the 34th. Judicial District has barred this attorney from practicing in their courtrooms. We have been informed that local attorneys have obtained video tapes of the Judge Ballou's conduct during hearings and trials, and that these videos are being passed around in Whitley County. We have not seen these videos and don't know what they reveal. It is reported that on one occasion the banned attorney happened to be in the courthouse on business, and was approached by two Deputy Sheriff's and told that he could not remain near Judge Ballou's courtroom or he would be arrested at the direction of Judge Ballou. This suggests that the order effectively bans the attorney from the Whitley Counthy Courthouse when Judge Ballou is also in the building. On another occasion the judge called the city police to assist the deputies in keeping the attorney away from Judge Ballou. If there is a justifiable reason for Judge Ballou's banishment order, it was not disclosed in his order. Other reports published in 2011 cite a sanction of Judge Ballou for improper campaigning for political candidates. Circuit Judge Daniel Ballou of Williamsburg was charged by the Judicial Conduct Commission in November for contributing $562 to McCain's campaign in 2008. Ballou also sent out an e-mail in January 2010 about Rand Paul's stance on the 2nd Amendment. The commission said Ballou violated the state judicial conduct code by publicly endorsing Paul for public office and by engaging in political activity. Ballou agreed to the commission's order. Ballou sent an email in January 2010 about Paul's stance on the Second Amendment dealing with the right to bear arms. Ballou denied all the allegations in a motion filed with the Judicial Conduct Commission on Jan. 21. The Judicial Conduct Commission took the action Monday against Circuit Judge Daniel Ballou who serves in McCreary and Whitley counties. Ballou had acknowledged that he sent the email containing Paul's campaign material to more than 50 other judges across the state. The Associated Press Reported on Sept. l9, 2011 that Judge Ballou had been reprimanded publically by the Judicial Conduct Commission. Recent reports to LawReader state that Judge Ballou received a sanction letter from the Judicial Conduct Commission, and that he had the sanction letter autographed by Senator Rand Paul and that the autographed letter was posted on the Judge's office wall. The KBA Bar Counsel's Office recently criticized an attorney for not being sufficiently "contrite" after he was sanctioned. LawReader does not believe that an attorney or a judge who is sanctioned must be "contrite" ....but in any event Judge Ballou is certainly proud of his sanction by the Judicial Conduct Commission. We find it strange that Senator Rand Paul would autograph a sanction letter against a judge. The campaign donation by Judge Ballou went to Senator Rand. The sanction directly involved Judge Ballou's support of Senator Paul. We wonder if Senator Paul is helping Judge Ballou thumb his nose at the Judicial Conduct Commission and at the same time demonstrating his support of Senator Paul. Other claims from Whitley County state that Judge Ballou has posted political campaign posters on his judicial office wall. Judge Ballou was presented with this allegation by LawReader and he has not confirmed or denied this report. The Judicial Canons that apply to the allegations re: Judge Ballou's conduct are Canon 5 and Canon 2: If Judge Ballou believes his rights supercede the requirements of the Code of Judicial Conduct, then perhaps he will share his theory with LawReader. We will publish anything Judge Ballou sends us.

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Whitley Circuit Judge Dan Ballou was not too happy to see the men he says stole his knife in his courtroom.
"I'm about to recuse… because you stole a knife from me and I want it back," said Hon. Dan Ballou, when James Day and James Sprinkles were in court Monday. Judge Ballou made it very clear he wasn't happy about being a victim. "This little bitty thing, $5 pocket knife, and it says 'Marines' on it. I want it back…Get them out of my face," Ballou said quickly to the bailiff.

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Whitley District Judge Dan Ballou will be one of at least two candidates seeking the circuit judge's job this November. "I think that it is a natural progression," Ballou said."I think we have done a lot of good things in district court over the past five years, and I think we can do some good things in circuit court." Ballou thinks his experience on the bench, and prior to taking office make him qualified for the position. After graduating law school, Ballou clerked for U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Eugene Siler. "I think that certainly prepared me for work in constitutional law, and criminal procedure and so forth," Ballou said.Ballou said he wants to be circuit judge because it is a natural progression like moving up in the Marine Corps Reserves from Captain to Major, which he hopes to do within next year or so. "I think there is a lot more to circuit court than district court.I think there are a lot more challenges, and I am up for those challenges," Ballou said.

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