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Referee Dan Fortuna of Wading River, NY gave Pajishvilli a foul after he moved his fingers in a ref’s grip.
Twice afterward, Pajishvilli again repositioned his hand in a referee’s grip to gain more leverage but no foul was called. Fortuna did redeem himself however when the match was restarted for the fourth time. Once again Pajishvilli opened up from the start, but with his elbow visibly off the back of the pad Fortuna called the foul, and Selearis was crowned left-handed champ. As usual, Dan “Blue Thunder” White of Staten Island came out on top with a dominant performance. I just want to thank Dan Fortuna and the team from Bayside for having patience with me and helping me." Despite a nagging shoulder injury, Dan Fortuna of Wading River, NY was the most veteran puller of the whole bunch. Rising in the professional ranks in the 242lb weight class, Fortuna also serves as a referee for the New York Arm-Wrestling Association. Prior to the go, Ringgold told Buttafuco, a 14-time King of Arms in New York, that he did not feel comfortable. With a low grip on Fortuna, apparently in efforts to hem in Fortuna's top-roll, Ringgold looked to be vulnerable in a post. Fortuna caught Ringgold's hit and fell back into a post with his elbow at the rear of the pad. With Ringgold having total hand control, Fortuna had no choice but to slip. Russell managed to climb his way all the way up the losers' bracket to face Perka, who had been the surprise of the day after eliminating Dan Fortuna in the straps in the round before the finals. Though Ringgold and Safarian looked like they had a walk to the finals in the left-handed super-heavyweight class, Fortuna had other plans. As Safarian eliminated Arjun Nagpal and Perka, Fortuna and Ringgold locked up for what would be a second back-and-forth battle that went much like their pull right-handed. Again, it looked as though Fortuna had too much backpressure for Ringgold. Fortuna could not counteract Ringgold's superior side-pressure in the straps and Ringgold slowly drove him to the pad, putting himself in the finals without a loss. Safarian and Nelson hooked up one last time to determine which puller would join Fortuna and Ringgold in the finals. Safarian and Fortuna exchanged grins and handshakes prior to locking up, knowing as friendly competitors they would be giving it their all in a few moments. In the straps, Fortuna gained and early advantage, hitting Safarian nearly to the pad and pealing his wrist like a sardine can. Gradually, Fortuna just ran out of gas, and Safarian was able to curl Fortuna's wrist in. Fortuna wore out, but also wore a third place medal following the tournament. Afterwards, Fortuna seemed more concerned with his right arm than his left however, incurring a possible rotator cuff injury. "I am going to get it checked out tomorrow; this has been going on too long," Fortuna said. "I am 99 percent sure that it is something serious. Fortuna indicated that he had had trouble sleeping because of the injury. With the crowd assembled along the boardwalk giving the young Baysider their support, referees Mike Selearis and Dan Fortuna set the grips of the two competitors. Middle Weight class , then went on to oust last year's 'NYC King of Arms' Jerry Cadorette , a 6' 3" 270 lb. titan, in a boisterous double-elimination final, which gave Vale the MVP title in the all-pro Intrepid 'NYC BIG APPLE GRAPPLE® XXV' .Cadorette, from South Attleboro MA, had just defended his title to win in the Super Heavy Weight class by defeating runner-up Dan Fortuna , of Wading River, LI, who was second, and Skip Hasbrouck of Cropseyville, NY, took third place. Dan Fortuna , who had won second place as a Super Heavy Weight, added to his winnings by coming in third as a left-hander. Dan Fortuna, his wife Dina, and their 13 year old daughter Amanda, simply pounded the competition and scored 28 points to add to a totaled 35 points scored for the Long Island Team and tied for first place with the Queens Team who also scored 35 points. Dan Fortuna won both the right and left hand super heavy weight titles, defeating nineteen contestants, and with that effort captured the Most Valuable Player Award.

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NYC Regional Director Dan Fortuna Dan Fortuna *Dan Fortuna Dan Fortuna Dan Fortuna 631-357-0692

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