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Last Updated 3/22/2015

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This is something film-maker and author Chris Everard discovered and posted about at Facebook last year.
Everard also had problems at the David Icke forums, despite having worked with Icke in the past. Chris Everard Film-maker and author Chris Everard of the Enigma Channel and Feed Your Brain magazine has accused Ian R. Crane of pirating his materials in order to sell them on. At Chris Everard's facebook wall there is now loads of posts being made by people who cannot handle what I have said. In general, I'm with Chris. It's all about the Benjamins and keeping them away from the unwashed masses, but beyond that, nothing incredibly supernatural or intelligent about it. Thanks. Great hub.

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Stoneage Psychedelia by Chris Everard reviewed
Stoneage Psychedelia is a new book by film-maker, author and researcher Chris Everard. It is a very challenging work that will shock many people with the information contained within its 304 pages. Everard, who publishes Feed Your Brain Magazine ... Superstate - a film by Chris Everard of the Enigma Channel If you are interested in conspiracy theories, the paranormal, alternative history and what is really going on in the world then the work of Chris Everard will be right up your street. Chris is a highly acclaimed independent film-maker and researcher... Chris Everard of the Enigma Channel interviewed

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