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Christina and Fayth


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Kobe Lee & Akira Lane

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They strip each other out of their professional clothing, down to just their sheer black pantyhose, as they kiss, fondle, heavily nylon foot worship each other, erotic gun play (yes, with a real gun!), before tying each other up with their own handcuffs and forcing each other to orgasm multiple times (including Kobe forcing Christina to relive a past experience a criminal had put her through).
"Hide & Seek"- Christina Carter & Kobe Lee are lounging around one day when they decide to play a game of hide & seek with each other. The only difference: they chase each other around with a bed sheet & chloro rag, and when caught, get wrapped up in the sheet and chloro'd out! Possibly one of my funniest movies ever (from a custom), includes lots of outtakes, chloro play, hide & seek silliness, bed sheet wrapping, and general wacky behavior! A super fun movie, especially for those that love camp, and seeing the girls being themselves and acting silly (you really need to see Christina having fun here lol). Kobe, being the straight one, is only interested in the hot guys at her new job, while Christina (the lesbian!) wants to know if there are any hot chicks. The conversation leads to Kobe revealing a lesbian encounter from her past involving a school girl fantasy, which gets Christina's dirty mind thinking. Later we find Christina in the bedroom, wearing a school girl outfit, as she calls Kobe to join her. Kobe is weirded out, but being bi-curious, doesn't necessarily dislike the idea of living out her fantasy. HOT forced orgasms, wrestling, lesbian play, kissing, chloro/sleepy play, and more await these two, as Kobe gets to live out her fantasy! From a custom. "Forced Orgasm Wrestling w/ Christina Carter & Fayth"- Christina and Fayth are just lounging around one day when Fayth asks Christina if she wants to wrestle. Christina is hesitant, but Fayth tells her that she can make it worth her while by adding a stipulation: the only way to win each round is to get your opponent in a submission, and not release them until they agree to make you cum with the vibrator! "Wonder Christina: Fayth's Birthday Surprise"- This is an incredible POV experience movie, where you're a witness/participant to the action! Fayth is your girlfriend, and it's your birthday, as you walk with her into her home. She has a big surprise for you, as she introduces you to a knocked out Wonder Christina lying tied up on the couch! "Wonder Christina: Asian Influence" - Tomiko & Akira are two sexy cat burglars looking for their next score, casing out a joint, when they're confronted by Wonder Christina! Christina" - The debut of a new series of movies I'm shooting starts here! Unfortunately, Christina wasn't prepared for Diana's sneaky tactics, as Diana chokes out Christina from behind. But it seems Kobe has been cheating on Christina by sleeping around with her girlfriend-on-the-side Akira. Christina interrogates Kobe about this, forcing her to call Akira under the guise of inviting her over for a quickie rendezvous. Upon arrival Akira is ambushed by Christina and knocked out, only to wake up tied in a chair right next to Kobe (also tied), as Christina exacts her lesbian domination revenge against these two cheating bitches! - Kobe invites her rival model friend Christina over with the intention of making Christina her nylon bitch! Is she successful, or does Christina have some tricks up her sleeve? Kobe and Christina fight for a dominant position, and when they are they force the other to worship their superior nylon feet while forcing out orgasms with the hitachi (among other things!). Christina is Detective Carter, out to arrest the evil Fayth for various sex & fetish crimes (you know Fayth!). But Fayth has other plans for the sexy cop, and puts Christina through an epic adventure of fetish behaviour, including many, many forced orgasms, tickling, bondage, extreme nylon foot worship, sleepy/ko, and did I say forced orgasms!?! Fayth doesn't just want to toy with the sexy cop...she wants to "clean her" of her dirty ways (in Fayth's twisted mind all heroines are evil and should be dealt with in her special way). "Detective Carter: Searching For The Sisters"- A direct sequel (and another favorite 2-hour movie I shot) to "The Carter Sisters" production, this features Christina as Detective Christina, doing her best to track down the evil Fayth and rescue the Carter Sisters. Christina has Fayth at her mercy, and instead of bringing her to the jail, she takes her to an out-of-the-way spot so she can interrogate her. Using all the tools of the trade she took from the crime scene, Christina tickles, teases, and forces Fayth to reveal the location of the kidnapped Sisters. But Fayth has another motive, and makes Christina a deal...the only way she'll reveal the info is if Detective Christina agrees to experience what the Sisters did. Knowing it's a trap but not having any choice, Christina agrees, and is forced to knock herself out with a sleepy rag. When she wakes up, she's back in Fayth's evil lair, and has now become the latest nylon sex toy of the crazed Fayth! Fayth has no intention of ever letting Detective Christina go, and begins her work of transforming the proud cop into a nylon plaything with plenty of tickling, nylon foot worship, and lots and lots of forced orgasms! Christina is Wonder Christina, doing her best to rid the world of evil people.

Diana"featuring Christina Carter & Diana Knight!
Watch as Diana slowly works Christina over, turning her into her nylon slave bitch! We all know Christina doesn't lay down for anyone, so Diana's going to have to work extra hard to get this wild woman under control. To debut this, a super hot new scene featuring Christina Carter (who else would I debut this with...seeing CC in high def is a dream!): Part 7 of"A Bad Day For Detective Carter"featuring Christina Carter & Fayth! Detective Carter is now continually knocked out & posed by the evil lesbian Fayth, who takes advantage of Christina's gorgeous helpless sleepy body by licking, sucking and worshiping her sexy nylon feet! Christina wakes up every now and then, only to be put back to sleep via hand smothers so that Fayth can enjoy her body! Available in 2 formats! Part 2 of"Jilted Lovers Triangle"featuring Christina Carter, Akira Lane & Kobe Lee! Christina has caught her lover Kobe cheating with Akira, and now has both of them tied up in chairs, at her mercy (or lack of!)...and she's going to teach these two cheating bitches you DON'T fuck with Christina when it comes to her women! Total lesbian domination of Akira & Kobe at the hands of Christina, and so sexy I can't even describe the action here! Take a look in the store for full details, but all you need to know's damn hot! December 17th, 2009 - Tonight I obviously have Kobe on my mind, as I upload this scene. Trust me - this is a super hot clip, with Kobe experiencing just an amazing forced orgasm. I love Kobe's orgasms' *almost* as much as I do Christina's. While Kobe isn't a screamer like CC, you can tell she definitely LOVES them, as she squirms, contorts her body, and moans in ecstasy. Yes it's true, I can never get tired of seeing Fayth have her way with Christina. NEVER!!! And the following scene illustrates that: Part 4 of "The Case of the Carter Sisters"featuring Christina Carter & Fayth! And incredible tease & denial scene, with Christina SO wanting to cum, but the evil lesbian Fayth (why do I always call her "evil lesbian"...maybe because she kind of is!) just won't let her orgasm! Super hot nylon foot worship & vibrator teasing/denial action in this scene, and Christina has never looked more hot when you KNOW she wants to cum but isn't allowed to! Christina is in control of Kobe, and what follows is some EXTREMELY HOT nylon foot worship from both of them. December 8th, 2009 - I've uploaded a brand new clip in a brand new series in my store tonight! The "Dom Battles" series makes its debut, with a super hot beginning to a super hot series! Part 1 of"Dom Battles: Christina vs. Diana"featuring Christina Carter & Diana Knight! A new series begins here, with Christina calling out Diana and challenging her to a knock-down, drag-out battle to see how the best Dom in the business is, and who is the little slave bitch! Diana pays a visit to Christina, and gains control quickly. Detective Carters (Christina) ordeal continues, as crazy lesbian Fayth continues to torture and torment her sexy body and nylon feet. Christina is repeatedly knocked out via KO spray & hand smothers, has her entire body fondled, and her nylon feet heavily worshiped. Very sexy scene, and very sensual, with no escape for Christina in sight at the moment! Part 1 of"Jilted Lovers Triangle"featuring Christina Carter, Akira Lane & Kobe Lee! A brand new series begins, as Christina & Kobe are lovers, but Christina is the jealous type and searches Kobe's blackberry, only to find dozens of sexually explicit text messages from Akira. When Akira arrives, she's quickly knocked out by Christina via choke hold, as Christina prepares for her forthcoming revenge! 3 Days of Christina, with 3 super hot clips! And I'm starting off with possibly the best one (at least in my opinion)...definitely the hottest! Part 6 of"Who's My Nylon Foot Slave Now, Bitch!?!"featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee! Christina is fully in control of Kobe here, forcing her to suck and lick her nylon feet (very heavy worship!!), as well as forcing her to orgasm with the hitachi vibrator. There is no one better at having their way with my ladies, and Christina shows you why in this scene! Very hot force-feeding nylon foot worship on Kobe, an incredibly hot forced orgasm on Kobe, and super hot (yes, THAT hot!) consensual nylon foot worship from Christina (because hey - she's my queen and she can do whatever she likes, which is worship nylon feet - yes she loves it). :) Part 5 of"A Bad Day For Detective Carter,"featuring Christina Carter as the distressed detective, and evil lesbian Fayth as...well...the evil lesbian! Fayth has Christina tied spread-eagle face-down on the bed, as she goes to work kissing, sucking, licking, and generally having her evil little way with Christina's nylon soles, as she remains helpless to stop her. Just how I like Christina myself...tied up and helpless being dominated by a wicked lesbian. Don't you? Part 4 of"Ultimate Rival Roommates"featuring Hollywood being totally dominated & tickle tortured 2-on-1 style by Tomiko & Kobe Lee! In a unique scene, Tomiko & Kobe pin Hollywood down (face-down, arms by her sides and legs together) as one lady lays across Holly's back, essentially pinning her down, while the other tickle tortures Holly's nylon feet! Kobe has control of Christina (who remains tied spread eagle on the bed, wearing the slave collar) as Kobe force-feeds Christina her nylon feet to suck and lick while she teases Christina with the hitachi vibrator, getting her horny. But Kobe wants Christina to admit she's the best, and pushes down hard on the hitachi, forcing Christina to orgasm! After forcing an orgasm out of Christina, Kobe begins to kiss and suck on Christina's nylon feet, but gets careless and falls victim to a headscissors by Christina! Waking up tied spread eagle, Kobe now must endure some payback from Christina, who tickle tortures her nylon feet with both her fingers and the hitachi, not to mention forces Kobe to suck and lick her nylon feet! Christina removes her collar and puts it on Kobe, and the scene ends with Christina forcing Kobe to suck and worship her dominant nylon feet! Whew! November 5th, 2009 - In preparation for my big weekend filled with shoots, I've uploaded a super hot brand new clip featuring Christina Carter in a purple catsuit, and Fayth, her evil lesbian tormentor, really giving her the domination treatment! Part 2 of"The Case of the Carter Sisters"featuring Christina Carter & Fayth. The story continues as Kristen (Christina) is tied spread eagle on the bed, as Fayth continues to torture and torment her sexy body. Fayth pulls down her top exposing her breasts, sucks on her breasts/nipples, licks/sucks her nylon feet, tickles her feet with an electric toothbrush, breaks out the electric vibrators and teases her, and finally takes out the hitachi (2 of them, actually) and forces her to orgasm! The premise with this series is that Christina loses her powers and becomes submissive the more you tease and torture her body, so Fayth really vamps up the lesbian domination! Wonder Christina has been tortured by the evil lesbian Fayth for so long (she the previous installments!) that she's getting desperate now! Opens to Wonder Christina tied spread eagle on the bed, really mouthing off and cursing at Fayth (and the camera - "viewers") to let her go and stop this madness. Fayth gets a notice that her illegal fetish web site business, thanks to all the clips she's been making with Wonder Christina, has really taken off. WC really mouths off, so Fayth knocks her out with the chloroform rag. We now see later Wonder Christina has been put in a frogtie, as Fayth continues to torture and torment her, licking and sucking her nylon feet, as well as breaking out the hitachi vibrator and teasing WC, getting her hot, until the very end when she forces WC to orgasm in a VERY hot forced-o scene (see Christina try and stop Fayth, but she can't and is forced to orgasm!). [cached]

Christina, Carter, Christina Carter, bondage, foot fetish, leg fetish, glamour, leg show, net model,women tied up, bondage, bndage, bodage, bonage, bondae, bondge, bondage, bomdage, bondaeg, bondgae, bonadge, bodnage, bnodage, obndage, bondag, bondae, bondge, bonage, bodage, bndage, ondage All pictures/text within this web site are copyright 2003 Christina Carter, Christina Captured

"Carter & Lane: FCU" is my portrayal of hard-edge cop Christina Carter who partners with fellow detective Akira Lane, both of whom work in the special FCU (Fetish Crimes Unit), trying to solve any and all crimes that have fetish ties.
The stories below follow the adventures of Detectives Carter, Lane, and Tomiko, as they involve themselves in solving crimes, often ending up in perilious situations where they're forced to endure all kinds of torments, including extreme tickle torture, nylon foot worship, endless forced orgasms, and many, many more horrible fates. "Carter & Lane: House of Horrors - Part 2"- The story continues, as we're introduced to the sick and twisted couple that had captured Detective Carter in Part 1, getting a glimpse into their nefarious background. While Detectives Tomiko & Akira play some tickle games in Japan while on vacation, Detective Christina Carter is introduced to the evil couples' world of extreme tickle torture and sexual depravity. Story Content: MF/F Nylon Foot Tickling, F/F Nylon Foot Tickling, F/F Nylon Foot Worship, MF/F Sexual Play/Forced Orgasms, Laughing Gas Play. "Carter & Lane: House of Horrors - Part 1"- Detective Christina Carter is investigating a series of long, ongoing cases of high-end call girls being abducted, tickled and tortured, and then released, with little to no information about the criminal doing it. All she has to go on is that it *may* be a husband and wife involved, and that they live in a large estate house. With her fellow detectives Akira & Tomiko out on vacation visiting relatives in Japan, it falls all to Christina to solve this case. As Christina gets closer in her investigation, she strays a little too close for her own good and ends up in the clutches of the evil husband and wife! The first of a multi-part story, this part features M/F Tickle Torture, and F/F Forced Orgasm Play, as well as MF/F Sleepy Play (Drugged Drink) and F/F Nylon Foot Worship.

"Super Heroines After Dark" Christina Cat & Kobe Kitty - A multi-part series featuring Christina Carter & Kobe Lee as sworn super heroine enemies, who just happen to be lesbian lovers, coming together to enjoy each other when no one is looking.
"Detective Carter: Searching For The Sisters" - A multi-part sequel to "The Case of the Carter Sisters," featuring Christina Carter & Fayth. Christina is looking for the 3 missing Carter sisters, and her investigation as led her to Fayth. She heavily interrogates Fayth, until she makes a that she won't like. "Lesbian's At Law" - A multi-part movie release, with Christina Carter & Akira Lane as lesbian lovers who just happen to be lawyers.

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