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Clinical Member
National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality



Registered Clinical Counsellor

Christian Heritage Party

Christian Heritage Party

Christian Heritage Party

District Health Council

Clinical Member

Community Health Council

Volunteer Referee for Volleyball, President
Child & Youth Support Society

Voluntary Head
Quesnel Community Health Council

Elementary Special Education Coordinator
St. Ann's Academy


BC College of Teachers


Psy.D. R.C.C

Psy.D. R.C.C. Registered Clinical Counsellor



masters degrees

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NARTH ยป Canadian Teacher’s Suspension Upheld by Court

narth.com [cached]

The following announcement by NARTH member Chris Kempling explains the result of his appeal of an earlier suspension by his professional governing body, The College of Teachers.

Chris Kempling

BCPTL - home page

www.bcptl.org [cached]

Accoringly, on October 20th, British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life is hosting a dinner in honour of Dr. Chris Kempling.Regular readers of this website and subscribers to our E-Mail Bulletin will be familiar with the sacrificial stand Chris Kempling has made on behalf of the students of British Columbia.We are inviting pro-family people to join in paying tribute to Chris while enjoying food and fellowship at the dinner to be held at the Surrey Days Inn on October 20, 2007.

At our Annual General Meeting in April, members of British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life voted unanimously to honour Dr. Christopher Kempling by granting him a life membership in British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life.
Most readers of this E-Mail Bulletin will be well aware of the fact that Chris Kempling has made extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of the children and youth of this province.Because he has spoken out in his own time against the pro-homosexuality propaganda being foisted on the students of this province, Chris has been subjected to unrelenting persecution.He lost his case in the BC Supreme Court and the BC Appeals Court, and had his case refused by the Supreme Court of Canada.He is still under threat of further penalty from the BC College of Teachers.Those of us familiar with his case know that it has involved the most important principles, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press.
Chris has been a splendid example of compassion towards those whose life-style he disagrees with.He has been careful to distinguish between opposition to the ideas of others and hostility towards his opponents.Such hostility has been foreign to Chris's approach, and we have admired that.
BC Parents and Teachers for Life is planning to honour Chris at a testimonial dinner on October 20th (at a location in Lower Mainland BC to be decided on).We would like to invite our members, and members of other pro-family groups to join us at that dinner.We believe that this should be an event that will be enjoyable for all who attend, who will have the satisfaction of helping to show respect for the stand Chris has taken on behalf of the children and youth of our schools.
International Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Chris Kempling(a public-school counsellor who has spoken out)
[Click here for a detailed summary of Chris Kempling's case.]
Supreme Court of Canada Refuses to Hear Kempling Freedom of Speech CaseKempling Statement on Supreme Court Decision:The Supreme Court of Canada today refused to hear a freedom of speech case brought by Quesnel, BC, teacher Dr. Chris Kempling in a dispute with the British Columbia College of Teachers.The case stemmed from letters to theeditor written to the Quesnel Cariboo Observer newspaper between 1997 and 2000 questioning the wisdom of promoting the homosexual agenda.Stated Kempling: "This is a victory for the enemies of free speech and a sad day for
--Chris Kempling[For background to the statement immediately above, see the article below entitled "Another Blow to Freedom of Speech and Religion: Chris Kempling's Appeal Dismissed by the British Columbia Court of Appeal"]
Chris Kempling Denied a Hearing by the British Columbia "Human Rights" Tribunal
In a decision released November 15, Christian teacher Chris Kempling was denied the right to present his religious discrimination case against the Quesnel School Board to the BC Human Rights Tribunal.Kempling brought the case after he was disciplined by the board for granting an interview to CBC Radio in December, 2003.In the interview, which was conducted by phone on his Christmas vacation, Kempling explained the orientation change therapy services which he offers as part of his private counselling practice.Kempling, who holds two masters degrees and a doctorate in psychology, is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and a clinical member of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality.
It seems to me that it's open season on Christians," stated Kempling.
The Tribunal's decision stated that the case had "no chance of success" based on the recent BC Court of Appeal decision against Kempling in June of thisyear. That decision, in a related case against the BC College of Teachers, is now being reviewed by the Supreme Court of Canada, who will decide earlynext year whether or not to hear the case.
Kempling intends to keep fighting for the rights of Christians to participate freely in public debate.He intends to run for parliament in the upcomingfederal election as a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada in the Cariboo-Prince George federal riding."It appears . . . that this may be the last way for Christians to be allowed to exercise free speech in this country," stated Kempling."When we can't even argue our case before a Human Rights Tribunal, and the courts state that no evidence is necessary todiscipline an employee, what recourse do we have left?"Kempling can be reached at kempling@telus.net for comment or clarification.
Chris Kempling Update-September 15, 2005
In my . . . update in April, I related that I had been suspended for three months without pay for writing a letter to the editor opposing same sex marriage.
[Read the whole of Chris Kempling's September 15th "Update."]
A judicial decision with grave implications for teachers, students,parents, and people of faith:Another Blow to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion: Chris Kempling's Appeal Dismissed by the British Columbia Court of AppealOn June 13, 2005, the BC Appeals Court released its ruling regarding Chris Kempling's appeal of a BC Supreme Court decision.The Appeals Court ruling supports the imposition on Dr. Chris Kempling of a one-month suspension from his teaching and counselling position in Quesnel School District.The British Columbia College of Teachers had imposed this penalty for Chris Kempling's statements--off the job, in his own time--protesting pro-homosexuality propaganda in the public (government) school system.
[Please note that the action of this local bureaucrat and the school board mentioned in the news release below are quite separate from the actions of the BC College of Teachers in seeking to have Chris Kempling punished for earlier public statements.The audacity of the local superintendent of schools in joining in the persecution of Dr. Kempling may well have been encouraged by the climate of opinion created by the successful passing of Sven Robinson's bill limiting free speech and by some of the statements coming from ministers of the federal government. --editor of this website.]
In a decision handed down today, Quesnel School District Superintendent Ed Napier suspended school counsellor Dr. Chris Kempling for three months.
Dr. Kempling has been employed as a counsellor since 1990, and has been active in a wide variety of volunteer positions in the community.He is also the local spokesperson of the federal Christian Heritage Party, and had written a letter to the editor of the local newspaper on behalf of his party, criticizing the Liberal government's same sex marriage legislation.The school district did not provide a single example of disruption to the school system, or anynegative effect of the letter.They also ignored over a dozen letters ofreference from supervisors and community members written in support of Dr. Kempling.
"It is truly unfortunate that the Quesnel School Board believes that only thosewho support same sex marriage are able to comment publicly on a matter ofnational importance, " stated Dr. Kempling.
Dr. Chris Kempling's letter of January 8, 2005,to the Quesnel Cariboo Observer is posted on our web page entitled: "Rights: Standing Up for Parents' and Teachers' Rights. [Click here to go to the letter.]
Dr. Kempling & the BC Court of Appeal
. . . Dr. Kempling and his legal team faced off against the College of Teachers and their allies on April 21st and 22nd in Vancouver's Court of Appeal.
Chris Kempling's Appeal of the British Columbia Supreme Court Ruling Against Him Was Filed on February 28th.Chris Kempling has received word that his lawyer on February 28th filed on his behalf an appeal of the British Columbia Supreme Court ruling against him.For those who may not be familiar with the case, Dr. Chris Kempling is a British Columbia School Counsellor and teacher who on his own time outside of the public-school setting, spoke out against the pro-homosexuality program of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation.
Read a letter from Chris Kempling, dated February 4, 2004, in which Chris states his intention to appeal the BC Supreme Court's unjust ruling.
A Commen

VANCOUVER, June 7, 2002 (LSN.ca) - ...

concernedchristians.ca [cached]

VANCOUVER, June 7, 2002 (LSN.ca) - In May, Chris Kempling, a 13-year teacher and counsellor in the public school system in BC, was declared guilty of conduct unbecoming a member of the BC College of Teachers by the College (BCCT). Kempling was reprimanded for writing letters to the editor objecting to the promotion of the homosexual agenda in the public school system as well as for writing unpublished research essays, and private letters to her supervisors and elected officials.

The College declared that "everything that you have written in its entirety is derogatory and discriminatory," even though some information was merely quoting previously published research data. Kempling, who holds two masters degrees and an almost complete doctorate in psychology, objected to the use of Xtra West, a BC homosexual activist newspaper, which has obscene and vulgar classified ads, as a recommended classroom resource.
Further, Kempling objected to the use of propaganda produced by the Gay and Lesbian Educators of BC, published and distributed by the BC Teachers Federation. One such item, Counselling Lesbian and Gay Youth, stated "we must dishonour the attitude that heterosexuality is the only acceptable orientation." Another resource, endorsed by the College, entitled "Challenging Homophobia in Schools", depicts the Biblical characters David and Jonathan as a homosexual couple.
By no means a radical, Kempling is a well respected member of the community. A community volunteer as a Big Brother, president of the Child & Youth Support Society for 14 years; Employee and Family Assistance Counsellor in private practice and a Registered Clinical Counsellor; appointed by the Minister of Health to be the Chairman of the District Health Council; a Sunday School teacher and lay preacher of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, Kempling requires support in his struggle against the BCCTC. He will be appealing the verdict of the BCCT.
British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life has urged people to support Kempling by praying and:
Mr. Chris Kempling 1158 Croft Road Quesnel, B. C. V2J 5R5 E-mail: > This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it >

British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life Life Views Home Page

www.bcptl.org [cached]

Dr. Chris Kempling, a public-school teacher and counsellor, was honoured at the event held in Days Hotel in Surrey, where British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life (BCPTL), who sponsored the event, presented him with a plaque marking the life membership they had conferred on him.

The praise given contrasted sharply with the treatment the educational establishment has meted out to the Quesnel teacher and counsellor. For speaking out in his own time on educational matters, his school board in 2005 gave Kempling a three-month unpaid suspension from his position, and the BC College of Teachers imposed a one-month suspension which he served in March, 2006. The threat of additional punishment by the BC College of Teachers hangs over his head.
Dr. Kempling has been candid about his disagreement with the methodology and goals of his union's program to foster acceptance of homosexuality, and wrote to his local paper expressing his views. He was also interviewed by the CBC. For these activities he has been penalized by the BC College of Teachers and is still under pressure from that organization. As well, his superior in the Quesenel teaching system has attempted to prevent his speaking out on the issues he has raised.
Dr. Kempling, after receiving the plaque marking his life membership in BCPTL, gave a forthright talk entitled "What I Am Not Allowed to Speak On."
A summary of Chris Kempling's story may be read at: http://www.bcptl.org/rights.htm#summary
Dr. Chris Kempling Psy.D. R.C.C.
Registered Clinical Counsellor
It also means that Christian or Sikh or Muslim students should not be indoctrinated with false teachings about sexuality which directly contradict the values of their faith.
Christian parents, talk your children as I have done with my own, and tell them that you expect them to intervene to protect those who are subjected to name-calling and harassment.
Dr. Chris Kempling Psy.D. R.C.C.
Registered Clinical Counsellor 250-983-3949
Quesnel, BC V2J 5R5 Kempling@telus.net
Working Together to Spread the Truth
We have worked together with traditional pro-life organizations, and with CASJAFVA and REAL Women, participating in rallies and meetings in support of marriage and in support of the right of teachers such as Chris Kempling to speak out on behalf of youth. We have communicated with the Office of Life and Family and Focus on the Family.
When the public-school teacher and counsellor Chris Kempling was found by the BC College of Teachers to be guilty of "conduct unbecoming" a member, merely for exercising his right of free speech in criticizing a program of the teachers' union, we saw a basic liberty again being disregarded.

Social conservatives disillusioned with the ...

www.pgfreepress.com [cached]

Social conservatives disillusioned with the Conservative Party have a "pro-life, pro-family alternative" in the Christian Heritage Party, according to Cariboo-Prince George candidate Chris Kempling. Kempling is a testing specialist and teacher with the Quesnel School District and has a private practice in marriage and family counseling. Kempling has served as president of the Quesnel Child and Youth Support Society and Big Brother/Big Sisters and Quesnel Bicycle Club. He has also volunteered with the Quesnel and District Community Health Council, Quesnel Minor Hockey and Maple Park Alliance Church. "We believe we're the only party that reflects the constitution, as it's written" Kempling said. The preamble to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Canadian Constitution reads, "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law..." he explained. "We believe that should be taken literally," Kempling said. "[But] we're not interested in imposing a religion on the country. We believe in freedom of religion." Kempling said secular humanism has resulted in more harm than good. One example, he said, is the recent ruling by the Supreme Court that swinger clubs don't pose any harm to society. "I think it's a very wrong-headed decision. It definitely sends the wrong message," Kempling said. "Here we're trying to teach young people to abstain and use restraint, and the highest court in the land is saying partner-swapping isn't harmful to society." Parliament shouldn't be afraid of using the "notwithstanding clause" to rein in the Supreme Court ? an unelected body ? he said. The Christian Heritage Party is also strongly against abortion and same-sex marriage. Kempling has been an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage and is a clinical member of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality ? an organization which treats homosexuality as a mental disorder. Despite Canada's increasing secular and multi-cultural society, Christian values should play an important role in the governance of the country. "In the last census, 79 per cent of people expressed an affiliation with some from of Christianity," Kempling said.

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