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"Of course if it's a life and death situation you must act," said Carl Tinsley, founder of consulting firm Breaking Ground.
"But if you have the time, try and 'second position' yourself in the shoes of the other person. By seeing the situation through their eyes, you will instantly have a greater chance of a successful outcome." Tinsley said humans operate on self-esteem, and all great communicators use this factor to increase the likelihood of a win-win situation. "The key is remembering with people at work especially, there is no win-lose, it is only a win-win situation, or a lose-lose situation. If a person believes they have lost, sadly many will try and win another day - even if it just giving the OHS professional a hard time in a toolbox talk," he said. He said the pressure of the job can often cause OHS professionals to resort to less constructive communication styles. "The more pressure we are under, the more difficult it is for us to be flexible in our communication styles. Yet, flexibility is the key to successful communication," he said. OHS professionals have a strong desire to get jobs done correctly and to required standards, and while this is a good thing, Tinsley said as a result OHS professionals often have a limited range of communication styles, which are often perceived by their audience very differently to what the OHS professional intended. Each situation requires a different style of communication and a unique combination of voice, body language, language patterns and charisma, said Tinsley. He also said OHS professionals should consider what resistance they may face from people they are communicating with. "People resist for four reasons; distrust, skepticism, inertia and reactance, which is the process of resisting being persuaded," he said.

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Program And Speakers

Carl Tinsley (Breaking Ground Pty Ltd) has worked closely with David Connell, Mines Rescue Regional Manager Hunter Valley on this improvement project for over 3 years.
David and Carl will present this case study which covers: the reality of Virtual Reality training; a breakdown of the Hunter Valley Mines Rescue Station Advanced Trainers Programme; how HVMRS integrate VR, Theory, and Practical learning environments; programme evaluation results, and; the future of VR in emergency and safety training. Carl's been developing Leaders and Trainers in the emergency service and resource sector for 20 years.

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Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground's Principal Trainer and Coach Carl Tinsley's interest in performance and "being ourselves better" began when studying Psychology and Human Resources at University.
Since completing his original Bachelor of Arts, Carl has furthered his communication and business studies by completing a Grad Dip Business Admin, Grad Cert of Performance Management, and Diploma Training and Assessment in his pursuit of knowledge in this area. Carl will also openly tell you that all this education only gave him knowledge. All through his university studies, he only received learning in theory. Carl has worked as a Police Officer, in Emergency Services, as a Management Trainer and as Executive Officer to several Boards, but it wasn't until he started studying the Advanced Communication skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that he learned how to change himself and help others. Realising the effectiveness of this training Carl developed further and is now also a Master Practitioner and International Trainer of NLP, Sequential Mind Technologies (SMT) and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Carl not only trains and consults to help others; he puts NLP into daily practice and has experienced its benefits for himself.

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