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Last Updated 11/25/2012

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::: PHOENIX FLY ::: Human flight innovations :::

Robert has selected Baxter Gillespie, Robert Jones, Jeannoel Itzstein, Mirko Schmidt and James Boole as Phoenix-Fly Instructor Examiners for the USA and Europe.
Baxter Gillespie

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::: PHOENIX FLY ::: Human flight innovations :::

Baxter will be conducting a PFI course at the Farm dropzone in Atlanta this Saturday (30/06).
Happy holidays from Robert, James and Baxter. Congratulations to Baxter Gillespie our new PFI/E! Baxter will look after the West Coast of the USA and joins existing PFI/Es Perry and James. Baxter is an experienced skydiver and wingsuit pilot and will be a valued addition to the squad, offering PFI courses and first flight briefings out west. Welcome to the team Baxter! Contact Baxter PFIs Perry, Baxter, James and Robert Jones performed a 4 way flight from the bridge and James also performed a wingsuit rodeo with Tom Aiello. Baxter Gillespie New PFI/E!

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