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Babette Miller, owner of Smart Start of Alaska, said she committed to contracting a dealer in Haines to save people the time and expense of monthly trips to Juneau.
Several people from Haines have already traveled to Juneau for the devices, she said, but were granted extensions to 90 days for the mandatory recalibrations. (The devices were required for some offenders previous to this year.) "We try to make it available in the area," Miller said. "We try to make it affordable." Two months should be plenty of time to meet demand in Haines, she said, because drunken driving penalties begin with a 90-day license suspension. Miller said although the random tests the driver takes while operating the vehicle cut down on the possibility of circumventing the system, the next generation of ignition interlocks, to be introduced later this year, will be equipped with a camera to identify the individual giving the breathalyzer sample. She said the devices were not designed to stop people from drinking, just from driving drunk, and said people who used them were surprised at what they learned about alcohol’s effects. "At the very end, most people say the one thing they learned is about residual alcohol," she said.

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A vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock won't start unless the driver provides a breath sample below the legal limit, said Babette Miller, owner of Smart Start of Alaska, a company that installs ignition interlock devices statewide.If the breath sample provided is above the legal limit, the car won't start."Individuals learn to separate drinking from driving," Miller said.Once the car has started, it then goes into a retest mode where the device has random tests while the vehicle is running, Miller said.Miller said another important function of the ignition interlock is to educate offenders about residual alcohol.She said most don't realize that they can still be intoxicated the morning after a night of drinking."They're really informative," she said.The device can be installed in about an hour and a half, Miller said.During that time, a 10- to 15-minute instructional video is shown about the device.The device costs between $100 and $150 to install, plus a monthly lease of $125, Miller said.

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"It is very difficult to circumvent the unit," said Babette Miller with Smart Start, a company that installs the device.

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