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Wrong Arnold Murray?

Arnold B. Murray

False Teacher

Minister Fortson


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Arnold Murray

Arnold Murray and Shepherds Chapel
Arnold Murray and Shephard Chappel Part I ARNOLD MURRAY TEACHING 2007 THE LORD RETURNS Genesis 41 Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and bare Cain Arnold Murray


Arnold Murray [cached]

THE SHEPHERDS CHAPEL The message Arnold Murray is spreading is unfortunately a mixture and can be lethal to one's spiritual life. Because he is divisive on almost all points of core beliefs. When we carefully examine his teachings one can only come to the conclusion he is not a shepherd feeding sheep. His personal doctrine many consider to have much falsehood. He is often seen scolding against orthodox teachers saying they, don't know their Bibles, but his followers should check who it is that really does not know their Bible. While most of those who enjoy Murray do not feel that this is what he meant by the statement, the attitude certainly comes through if you listen long enough. Does Murray think one can receive the mark and still love Jesus? His interpretation is much like the 7th Day Adventists, that it is not a literal mark but is in your mind only . Rev.13:16 He causes (forced) all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark ON their right hand or on their foreheads The word on is epi in Greek and it means upon. Don' t just read the English, be a bible student, the Greek word is charagma, and it means a stamp or imprinted mark and almost every Bible scholar worth his salt agrees with this interpretation. I have actually had those who are so convinced by this statement that they write me to contest what I'm saying, agreeing with Murray that one who receives the mark can still worship Christ; the mark does not matter. The Scripture is clear, only those who did not receive the mark will reign with Christ, yet Murray tells his followers it doesnt matter. Mr. Murray pressures his listeners to choose between his prophetic word, or what he calls the doctrine of the Pharisees which is often orthodox Christianity. But, deep down in your souls when you must make the decision to stand for your Father or the traditions of man, it can separate you from friends and loved ones . (Newsletter #129, 6-89) By using this he makes them decide for him without even considering another point of view. This is expressed in may different ways when he speaks of others. His followers attack anyone who also asks for donations, as only Murray is allowed to do this in their eyes. He requests a $4.00 donation for individual tapes (a fair price). This becomes one of the main attractions to him as many see the shrewdness of the ministers that want money to build their kingdom. But none of this uprightness excuses him from his false expositions. I had posted by some researchers that Murray claimed to have a doctorate when in fact he did not. I have not had any proof of the statement of Murray asserting a doctorate from a university so I removed this statement. But now I'm putting it back up because of verification. I do agree with Murray that ones credentials are not dependent on any doctorate they may have but on their teaching ability, and I would add by rightly dividing the word. Murray has in the past claimed to have a doctorate degree which has been proven false by those who looked into this claim. Researcher William Alnor states that Murray Falsely claims to have a doctorate degree from a properly accredited university or seminary. (Bill Alnor, The Cultic Views of Arnold Murray and the Shepherds Chapel, The Christian Sentinel, (1994) B.J. Oropeza a researcher notes that Murray claimed to receive a doctorate from an individual named Roy Gillespie, after writing a dissertation on the book of Daniel. (Oropeza, p. 5.) When Oropeza in 1991 further investigated no evidence of such a dissertation was found where it would be in The National Union Catalog or through UMI Microfilms. I just wanted to mention that I contacted Shepherd 's Chapel in 1990 after seeing Dr. Arnold Murray on the Television. I contacted them and asked if Mr. Murray had received a doctorate in theology and if so where. I was told he had received it at Biola University in Southern Ca. I contacted Biola and found out this was not the case. And called Shepherd's chapel again to share with them my findings. I was called a Kenite and asked not to call again? I just thought I would let you know that they were making the claim that he had a doctorate in theology . T. Pierce a missionary with Witness Inc. If Murray is not a graduate of a university or college then what is he a graduate of that hecalls himself Dr. Murray. If education does not matter as his students argue then why the title Doctor. Does anyone really know this mans background in education or when he received the gospel and was spiritually reborn? His background is not up on his site. God is one man,...our Father, and just like the Oneness Pentecostals state Murray says, God (sic) gots three offices he serves. (Shepherd's Chapel Questions and Answers period, aired 5/14/91) Yet according to his students Murray teaches that being born again means that one must be born INTO a flesh body---from the spirit world, because Murray holds to a pre-mortal existence of man. Murray does cite Eph.2:8-We believe salvation is by grace through faith, and it is the gift of God, and not of works. Many of these statements are not defined enough to know what he means by it, in other words ones interpretation means more than just quoting the Scripture. Murray teaches, Eve and Adam had sex with Satan; Satan being the fruit, the tree, and the snake, in that story. Murray interprets this as Eve having sex with Satan first, then with Adam. The Bible teaches that Adam had sex with his wife after the fall not before. so how can Murray be right? This they call fraternal twins; Cain is from the Serpent (Satan), and Abel from Adam. but you can only get this teaching from Murray, it is an exclusive scoop. The followers of Murray refuse to see what the Scripture is actually saying. We have 2 completely different words for twin and brother, yet Murray insists they are twins, when the Bible says they are brothers. Who knows better Eve and the Scripture or Murray? Murray has made this teaching up from the silence of the Scripture, not from what it actually teaches. and the people seem to be gullible enough to believe it without EVER checking it out for themselves. So we see the very same thing repeated by Murray. Yet Murray teaches the tree is actually the serpent, whose fruit Eve ate by having sex with him. If Mr. Murray insists on a figurative use of the term snake or tree, then he needs to explain why he interprets the term seed as literal. Murray and his followers believe that humans existed prior to living on earth. I have been told by some of those who formerly listened to his teachings that to be born again meant to be physically born on earth. Murray teaches, in regard to Genesis 1:26, that God spoke to the Elohim, meaning God and his children, let us make that man in our image, which is to say make it look in likeness that we are. Murray teaches the already proven false doctrine of British Israelism. One of the reasons that those who listen to Murray believe the Kenites descended from Cain surviving Noahs flood because it was not worldwide but only a local flood. So on this premise Murray tells us that Kenites survived the flood and descended from Cain. Murray has no evidence from the Bible except a private interpretation he has constructed together making this a most unique theory. God promised to never destroy the earth with a flood again. If it was local, then He did not keep his promise because we have had many local catastrophes in floods (Gen. 9:14-15) Murray believes that Jesus is referring to these Jews as a literal offspring of Satan. Only people who believe in Jesus are true Jews. This is correct if they are Jewish, but not if they are gentile. Murray teaches that the Kenite's are the descendants of Cain, Eves son, that Cain's father is literally Satan, so the Kenites lineage is of Satan. Murray adamantly states that if you believe in a literal 7 day creation your on your way to hell. Murray is wrong again. (go hear to see the Biblical position of the 7 days of creation ) I guess all those who deny a 7 day creation who are going to hell (according to Murray), but they may have nothing to be concerned about. Because he denies the existence of hell as eternal (Jesus certainly believed in it and warned people so they would not to go there). I would say neither those who do believe in a 7 day creation and those who do not believe in a 7 day creation are going to hell. It is those who reject the true gospel that will unfortunately end up there. But then according to Murray's view one would not have to be afraid since they would not any longer exist because Murray teaches the doctrine of annihilationism. Murray presupposes his anti-rapture claim on Dave MacPherson's research. Murray is not arguing against a pre-trib rapture, but the rapture itself. If Murray believes there will be no rapture (catching away) of the saints, he is being both unbiblical and setting himself against the historic understanding of the Bible by the Christian Church. Murray states Most go along with this cult that teaches the rapture that didn't start till 1830, but it's growing into the largest cult in the world. (The Shepherd's Chapel Questions and Answers period, aired 1991) This is inaccurate. Everyone seems to be a cult or false according to Murray, except him and his followers. He does not answer challenges, which is convenient! Although I will say that those who like his teaching certainly are willing to go at it, but all they do is mostly repeat what he says like poor fed parrots. Murray teaches that the word clouds in 1 Thessalonians is not referring to clouds in the sky, but allegorizes the meaning to be a gathering of like minded people, a assembly of witnesses who know the truth. Murray attributes the antichrist will deceive the people by saying that he has come to rapture out all his people. Even those who hold to a rapture even a mid or post trib-view are wrong When this false Christ stands in the holy place performing in the sight of Christians, the pre-tribulation rapture Christians shall think it is Christ come to rapture them away (Our Statement of Faith, p.2). If he does not take us as the Scripture says then wouldn't we know? In other words we are looking for Christ to come from heaven toward earth and we are changed and removed in a twinkling of an eye. If we are still on earth then it means he is the antichrist- the very opposite of the meaning in his argument. He can be here if he wants to and explain it to his followers. Besides if he is standing in the holy place then it is the middle of the tribulation (as Scripture teaches), that makes it hard to be a pre-trib rapture. Even his arguments are convoluted with inaccuracies. There will be those deceived into believing that Antichrist is Christ, but contrary to his assertion, the belief in the rapture actually protects us from accepting the wrong Christ. Those who do not believe Christ comes to remove the Church are more likely accept a false Christ who comes here on earth. We are not looking for a Christ to be on earth to take us off the earth but one that will lift us off the earth that did not come to earth, he takes us up (as he also takes up the dead into new bodies) to where he is. The Antichrist will have the ability to do great signs and wonders by the power of Satan (2 Thess. 2:9,10), but there is one thing he will not be able to do. He cannot raise the dead and at the same time lift up the living believers to heaven. If we are watching for the Christ who raptures us to heaven we cannot be deceived by a counterfeit who will rule on earth no matter what kind of power he exhibits. We are to be looking for the Christ who comes back the same way he left, in God's glory and from heaven, Jesus told us to look for him in this way (Acts 1:11). Murray in his Mar. 2001 Newsletter says of Jn.14 where Jesus said I go to prepare a place for you. He interprets it as That place of rest available for you today. I hope you have already moved in . While it is true we have that rest now because Christ in us (Heb.4), This is not what Jesus is speaking about. He said w here his Father is, that is in heaven. Murray makes the mistake of the earthly and the heavenly house. Jesus told us to build our house (our lives) on the rock now. Then there is a house not made of hands eternal in heaven (2 Cor.5:1). The Fathers house is in heaven not on earth, it is this place Jesus went TO prepare. Then He comes back again to bring us to where He is (at the Fathers right hand), to finish the Scripture Murray quoted: that where I am you may be also. Im not in debate of when this will occur- pre or post, only that it will happen according to the Bible. Murray says it will not happen, pre, mid or post! And that is completely utterly wrong and unbiblical. He neglects that Jesus said He would come again to receive us (plural, collectively) to Himself, not himself to us. Murray in his explanation even used 2 Corinthians 5:1 "For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Ezekiel is used by Murray as a main argument againt the rapture (flying away), but I fail to see anything in it about flying away as a denial of the church being raised up to Christ in 1 Thess.4.

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