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One of the things that Miss Ann Lacy passed on to me at Goucher College in Baltimore was a concern about picking the right graduate mentor.Ann herself had experienced interesting research along with repressive tactics studying for her PhD with David Bonner at Yale. Once, I asked Lacy why she told us so much about bad treatment of women in graduate school.She looked a bit thoughtful, and then said, "I think you need to know what it is really like because you should decide in advance whether or not you are tough enough to take it."Lacy continued, "For my own part, I found the intellectual stimulation in Bonner's group was worth the persecution, which was sometimes annoying but not too bad."Ann also told us of the achievements of those few women in genetics when she taught us in classes, and I certainly found that inspiring."Harriet Creighton was McClintock's graduate student, and I had her at Wellesley," Ann Lacy said.You also need someone with whom you can get along well for a mentor," Ann Lacy reiterated.These two were ‘Bonner kingdom' members whom I had seen when attending the American Society for Microbiology meetings with Miss Lacy.I stayed with Mary Case, another friend of Ann Lacy's from graduate school.Ann Lacy commented, "Too bad he moved from Yale, or you could have a blue PhD robe like mine, which you always admired." Also the way you began and ended with your colleague, Lacy, and the Yale blue gown gave it a nice coherence as well.I knew Lacy at Yale as a member of Bonner's group.

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ut the real revelations came when the female professors who brought me to this event, Helen Haberman and Ann Lacy, discussed scientific ethics in the car on the way back to
Ann Lacy was a feisty young faculty member, having recently arrived at Goucher after completing the PhD at . On the way in, Ann Lacy pointed out the old campus of Goucher along Ann Lacy growled sotto voce. Ann Lacy groaned out loud, but only those within a few seats of us heard her, since noise had broken out all over the room. Ann Lacy shrugged and said, "People think Severo Ochoa stole the credit for figuring out the genetic code from Marshall Nirenberg, and they're particularly angry about it coming out in the newspaper rather than in a refereed journal." Ann Lacy said, "Not in comparison with deciphering the genetic code!" Ann said, "OK, I grant you that he did something important. Nirenberg discovered this and mentioned it in his European talk," said Ann Lacy. said Ann. Ann Lacy shifted in her seat and scratched her short, unruly auburn hair. We're in the molecular end of biology that's more or less always taken that position though, Ann." Ann looked a little impatient and wrinkled up her nose.

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