Alexian Lien

Analyst at Credit Suisse AG

Paradeplatz 8, Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Credit Suisse AG
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+41 44 333 66 07
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Last Updated 1/10/2014

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Vice President  - Investcorp S.A.


BS  - Computer Engineering , Columbia University


Board Director  - Moneybookers Ltd

Board Member  - Trema

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Alexian Lien- SUV Driver Attacked by Motorcycle Gang
Meet a man from Lower Manhattan named Alexian Lien. Unfortunately Lien has made the headlines on a savage attack he was victim of, the 33-year-old driver was traveling along his wife and their 2-year-old daughter through one of the lanes of the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway on Sunday, when his Range Rover was caught between a swarm of high-powered bikes. So far nothing strange, but the bikers who were headed to Times Square had all but commandeered the three lanes of the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway, they baited him by brake-checking until there was a minor collision, then all hell broke loose! Part of the attack was caught on tape, but it doesn't show the severe beating the driver, Lien; suffered! lien-beating Lien of Lower Manhattan, was treated for facial lacerations and bruising at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and released. Since then, he has deleted his Facebook and twitter accounts and seems not willing to give any interviews on what happened. The extreme road rage was caught by a camera helmet on one of the bikers and posted on Youtube as the large gang of bikers terrorized Lien and his young family in broad daylight after he accidentally bumped on one of the bikers. Lien who is married to Rosalyn Ng and have a small baby together didn't have much choice other than to hit the gas to protect his wife and child, which further enraged the bikers, who eventually caught up to him and broke out his window. Lien was born in 1980 he is a former Director of Skrill Holdings Limited, his newest directorship was with Mb Employee Nominees Limited where he held the position of "Banker". The company was established 26 Oct 2007. Previously, he was an Analyst in the Distressed Finance and Restructuring Group of Credit Suisse First Boston in New York. Mr. Lien served on the Board of Trema Group. He holds a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from Columbia University. Alexian Lien did suffered injuries but in the process he also left one of the bikers paralyzed from the waist down after he ran him over while trying to escape. Is he really the victim? From the story so far, it seems Alexian Lien really shouldn't have run over 3 bikers - that was a terrible thing to do. Better to get the license numbers, call the police on his cell, and let the bikers damage the outside of his car. Great point and I hope Lien is charged with paralyzing a man who did nothing but try and help a person Lien knocked to the ground when he hit him. He was probably angry and being slowed down and I'm sure really loves his Land Rover so he felt it worth it to run over people. He should be in hiding and my advice is stay there. May the law catch up to you and may you never forget about the man YOU paralyzed for the rest of his life. Lien must feel they were endangered to escape like that. I don't feel sorry even a little bit to the guy got run over, it is for god sake for everyone safety to put him in the wheelchairs rest of his life, lien is a hero to me. From what I hear, for your information, is that the law DID catch up to Mr. Lien, but you know what Chris? The law is leaning towards NOT charging Mr. Lien with anything. "Alexian Lien really shouldn't have run over 3 bikers " - Elle, you are a complete idiot. Majority of legal professionals already agree Lien did nothing wrong: Can you imagine what they would have done to Lien and his family if they were not in a public location? The U.S. has really turned into a country where the inmates are running the asylum. Can't believe some of the gang members were cops and did nothing to help Lien. Lien is the victim... the accident was initiated by a reckless and aggressive move by Cruz to attempt to control or lien's use of his vehicle. Lien stopped when they 'bumped' and fled after other riders started to attack his vehicle. He had the ability to do considerably more damage to the riders that gave chase, but did not even attempt to do so. Those that were injured, were done so due to the actions of their cohorts and it is they and not Lien who holds the responsibility for the tragedy that took place. We can agree that Alexian Lien probably felt intimidated and that he felt no choice but to plow through the pack of bikers to escape. But can we agree that it had to now lead to one man now paralyzed for the rest of his life? Did lien go too far? my question to you would be, would all of this happen if the bikers didn't surround Lien and his family first? This is a simple case of self defense. For example if a criminal enters a store with gun in hand and points it at the cashier, the cashier has every right to defend himself by pulling out his own gun or by other means. In this case, the bikers were the criminals who were the aggressors. They confronted Lien first, surrounded him and attacked his vehicle. Out of self defense Lien pressed on the gas peddle to get away. I'm pretty sure Lien had no intention of hurting anyone, but unfortunately someone did get hurt out of self defense. Would any of this have happened if the Bikers never initiated contact with Lien? The first thing I picked up on was the biker had cut in front of Mr. Lien (yes that was stupid) however, is the driver behind the slowing vehicle that ultimately must take responsibility to adjust and Lien barely slowed down (also stupid). Next I saw the biker looking back putting his hand up gesturing to Lien to slow down. I have known people hit on bikes and even what seems like a low-impact hit can do a lot of damage and cause much pain to the human leg. It is understandable the panic the Lein felt and the bikers had no right to assault him and destroy his SUV, but he also used that vehicle as a weapon and plowed over two other people. If he was so intimidated by all those bikers why didn't he fall back from the very beginning, better yet turn off and take another route. Before anything started we have Mr. Lien and his family riding on the Parkway behind 20-30 bikers. First of all, imagine yourself with all these people on motorcycles - they were spread out in front of the Liens occupying all 3 lanes of the Parkway. All was still fine until one of the bikers (Chris Cruz, 28) decided to brake check Lien meaning that on that busy Parkway Cruz suddenly hit his brakes hard forcing Lien to have to hit his brakes. Even at this point, Lien only bumped Cruz. Mr Lien was definitely in a reckless and dangerous situation with his family in serious danger at that point. He just wanted to get away. Big deal lawyer Gloria Allred (I used to admire her) taking the case of the biker Lien ran over, Edwin Mieses, says Mieses was trying to get the other bikers back on their bikes and some of the girls on the backs of the bikes were saying they were only trying to stop Lien. Big deal lawyer Gloria Allred (I used to admire her) taking the case of the biker Lien ran over, Edwin Mieses, says Mieses was trying to get the other bikers back on their bikes and some of the girls on the backs of the bikes were saying they were only trying to stop Lien. Lien would be scared for his and his family's life at this point so why would he stop and why should he? And if you're Lien and you see a number of the 20 -30 swarm of bikers off of their bikes after one just recklessly brake checked you, would you stop? Of course not. Too bad the YouTube video doesn't show how badly the bikers beat up poor Mr. Lien who is the actual victim here - we he and his partner and their 2 year old child who should never have had to witness such trauma and violence! Alexian Lien- SUV Driver Attacked by Motorcycle Gang

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Investcorp: The team

Alexian Lien
Vice President, London

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Company director Alexian Lien was dragged from his 4x4 in front of his wife Rosalyn and their two-year-old child after colliding with a motorbike on Sunday during a bike rally.
Mr Lien, who works for British online payments company Moneybookers and was previously based in London before relocating back to the U.S., had been pursued by up to 30 angry bikers before being attacked. Police have said Mr Lien, 33, is not expected to be charged, but the investigation is continuing and they are seeking information about the other bikers involved. He told them he "accidentally collided with one" after they had been riding "erratically" and he fled as he feared for his family's safety.

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