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Long Island Paranormal Investigators

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Disability Specialist  - Penn State Limited


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advanced degree  - psychology , 

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My name is Adam Christian Blai, my professional training, experience, and publications are in psychology and psychophysiology.
Blai, A., Ray, W. & Borkovec, T. (1999) EEG coherence and phase angle measures in relation to anxiety. Psychophysiology, 26. (Abstract) Ray, W., Simon, R., Blai, A., and Slobounow, S. (1999) Finger motor tremor and its relation to EEG activity. Psychophysiology, 36 (Abstract) Ray, W., Blai, A. Aikins, D., Coyle, J., Bjick, E. (1998) Understanding Hypnosis amd Hypnotic Susceptibility from a Psychophysiological Perspective. Online Porceedings of the 5th Internet World Congress on Biomedical Sciences '98 at McMaster University, Canada. (available from URL http://www.mcmaster.ca/inabis98/simantov/dus0133/index.html). Blai, A. Weinstein, S., & Ray, W. (1998) Correlations between 16 self-report dimensions of emotional experience and fast Fourier transform analysis of electroencephalographic data. Psychophysiology, 35. (Abstract) Blai, A., Weinstein, S., & Ray, W. (1997) Coherence measures of emotional processing. Third European Congress of Psychophysiology, Konstanz, Germany. Coyle, J., Ray, W., Bjick, E., Tutwiler, R., Rosenbaum, D. A., Blai, A., & Michelson, L. (in preparation). Neural Network classification of hypnotic susceptibility using electrocortical data. Ray, W., Oathes, D., Yamasaki, A., Blai, A., Aikins, D., Molnar, C., Borkovec, T. (2000).

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