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On Tuesday, June 6, 2000, a wannabe hacker named Ray Dixon from alt.hackers.malicious tried to claim that he was "Jim Taylor" and whack his way into Lart.Com. One thing, who's "Jim Taylor" anyway? Certainly not me! Poor Ray, so desperate to impress his little script kiddy followers he tried to slurp WestHost (host for Lart.Com) for my passwords.

So picture the following, Ray Dixon calling WestHost, claiming to be "Jim Taylor" and saying he lost his passwords. Do you think he felt stupid when support from WestHost laughed at how he could not even get my name right? Imagine how hard they laughed when he fumbled around looking for my credit card number for verification. Ray also tried send a fax, which you can see below and e-mail too.

Poor Ray, he is busy these days trying to make up for this major screw-up. He is failing at that too. He created a web based message board because the whacker group, alt.hackers.malicious has been a public toilet for months. His whacker board lasted about three days before it was abandoned, hacked daily to Ray's total disappointment.

Ray Dixon 25 Russett Ave Oshawa ONT Canada L1G 3R4 905-571-2146 (closed due to abuse) (closed due to abuse)

Paper trails suck, huh?

OH LOOK! It is Ray Dixon!

Hi, I'm a Lart.Com Dancing Monkey.  Got any bananas?

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