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Stream Transportation prides itself on its competitive rates in transportation and other logistics processes. Logistics is defined as the movement of goods from ultimate origin, all the way through the value added processes in your supply chain, all the way to destination. Competitive rates consider both "inventory in motion" and "inventory at rest" throughout your supply chain or demand chain. Competitive rates also consider your requirement for information that underlies each process, as backbone for data accuracy. Competitive rates take many forms. Sometimes it means "the cheapest pricing in America" for any mode of transportation. Although we want our relationship to be based on providing you the finest logistics service available rather than being the bargain-basement, bottom end, cut rate provider available, we frequently do have the most competitive prices available. We set the "market rate" for transportation on any particular lane, as opposed to many companies' use of "house carriers" whose rates may change only once a year. For those companies who may have discounted rates with 3-4 carriers, we offer an array of 4000+ carriers whose characteristics are sorted by "most reliable", or "fastest", or "cheapest", etc., and your order is matched with the capabilities of our carrier portfolio to get you the closest match to your transportation needs. Competitive rates is not only a watch word of Stream Transportation, we look to reduce your total spend throughout the logistics process. Even if a particular provider may have a higher "price" for a particular function, you may bear a cheaper "cost" overall, due to the increased quality, speed, accuracy, and enhancement of your company's productivity as well as your customer's satisfaction. Stream buying power typically can purchase transportation and other logistics services from carriers and forwarders more cheaply than any single commercial account like you can. We have hundreds of customers for whom we purchase capacity in bulk, which you can take advantage of throughout the year. It stands to reason that the buying clout Stream Logistics brings to bear on the open market in your behalf will reduce your costs, enhance your productivity, and increase your customer satisfaction indices. Outsourced logistics can be procured on a project-specific basis, or as needed by your organization. Our team of world class logisticians is standing by to take a look at your requirements.

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