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Many of you have asked how Light Expression Essences came to be. To begin, it is important for me to start at the beginning of my education and awareness of "Nature". Many years ago, a friend gave me a copy of Machaelle Small Wright's book, Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered . Machaelle is the creator of the Perelandra line of flower essences. With the information from that book and what I had already learned from reading about Dr. Edward Bach, M.D., the creator of Bach Flower Remedies, a broader picture was beginning to unfold. Our lives were in for a big change. After reading Machaelle's book, Wayne and I began to discuss these ideas and talked about implementing them in our garden in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. We already had a lovely perennial garden and a very productive organic vegetable garden next to our house. We were also in the process of expanding our urban garden sanctuary. So, working co-creatively with Nature on a conscious level would have been very comfortable for us. But, before we started the next phase in our gardening operation, we decided that it was time for a much needed family vacation. We decided on traveling out West to show our son, Avery, the grand sites of Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Mesa Verde, Santa Fe, and many points in between. This vacation turned out to be a lovely way for Spirit to work within us all. We were guided to many loving encounters with Nature while on our vacation and were continually amazed by how many close encounters with rare species of Nature we found ourselves confronted with. By the time we arrived back home in Atlanta, we were invigorated by Nature's power and beauty. We were now ready to begin phase two of our urban garden, or so we thought. We no sooner got out of our car and walked into the house with suit cases in hand when we found ourselves saying "Yes" to an abrupt change in our lives. Wayne had gone immediately to his answering machine to check our messages and found a message from a high school friend of his inviting us to Virginia. But this was not just an invitation to visit, rather this was a request for us to consider moving to rural Virginia. Wayne and I knew that something was up, so we decided to check it out. Within three weeks of returning home from our vacation, we found ourselves making the long drive to Virginia to see for ourselves what was trying to get our attention. Wayne and I both had driven through the Shenandoah Valley many times, so we already knew first hand its beauty and quaint presence. In fact, on several of my drives through the Valley, I had often felt a pull by the mountains, asking me to stay. By the end of our weekend visit with Wayne's friend, we found ourselves in a realtor's office putting a contract on a house. We knew that it was not the house we were meant to have, but rather our way of saying "Yes" to whatever Spirit was asking us to do next in our lives. When we left on that summer Monday morning to return to Atlanta, we said to our host that we would indeed be moving to the Valley. We were confident that we would be moving into our new farm within a year. That turned out to be a very accurate statement. The gears were in motion and we were being propelled to Virginia at a speed that was overwhelmingly fast and smooth all at the same time. From the moment we said yes to Virginia, it was as if we were no longer residents of Georgia. Rather, we were just there in Atlanta for as long as it took us to sell our house, pack, and disconnect from Wayne's contracting business. The funny part of it was that we did all of those things with the knowledge that we still had no residence purchased or determined for certain in Virginia. We had already made several trips to Virginia to house hunt, but had not located "our farm" - until one cold weekend in February. We decided to drive to Virginia and put a contract on a farm that we had seen earlier in the year, but knew that it was still not quite the right one for us. Even though this place offered no sense of permanence, we felt that perhaps this would do until we found "our farm". We were definitely intent on moving to Virginia and left open all avenues to get the job accomplished. Fortunately for us, the easiest route presented itself immediately upon arriving that cold weekend in February. We already had an appointment with a realtor to take a second look at Farm #1 and most likely we would put a contract on it that weekend. The friends that were inviting us to move to Virginia and with whom we were staying said to us upon arriving that they thought our "dream farm" was for sale and that before making any commitments to Farm #1, we should take a look at Farm #2. This was not a problem for us. We went to our first appointment, took another look around that first farm and tried to determine whether we could make that place suit our needs. The house was in rough shape and honestly, it would require all but blowing it up to get it renovated. The land we concluded was OK, but not really what we envisioned our farm to be. With these less than superlative characteristics, this farm was better than anything else which we had considered. Neither Wayne nor I felt excited about the place, so we told the agent that we needed a little more time to think about it and we would get back with them before the weekend was over. Meanwhile, we returned to our friend's home and decided to take a look at Farm #2, the one our friends were encouraging us consider. We hopped into our car and our friend, Richard, got into his car and we followed him down lovely winding country roads until he finally pulled off the road, got out of his car, and came over to us with a puzzled look on his face. He said to us that he couldn't understand it; we had past by the house and there was no "For Sale" sign visible. Richard said that he had seen a "For Sale" sign in the front yard in the past week. We all said at once, "Let's turn around, drive by again and take a closer look. We got in our cars and drove in the direction of Farm #2. Richard pulled over once again to the side of the road in front of our "to be farm" and he pointed across the road to a lovely Victorian farm house and said, "That's the place that I just knew was for sale. I saw the sign out front just the other day. My heart took a leap at that moment. Every part of me said, "That's the place, that's our new home. Of course, there appeared to be one small problem ? no "For Sale" sign. Wayne must have felt the same way, because before I could say anything to him about how I was feeling, he was already getting out of the car and saying that he was going to ask the people at the house if the place was in fact for sale. At that moment, I was extremely glad that Wayne was not a bashful person. He walked up to the front door and before he could even knock, the woman who was living there at the time met him at the door and asked if she could help him. He proceeded to tell her the story of our friend thinking that he had recently seen a "For Sale" sign in their yard and that we were looking for a farm to buy. Right away she answered that "Yes, the farm is for sale and the papers were just signed yesterday; but the Realtor had not yet placed the sign on the property. The lady allowed that if we wanted to see the property, we should contact their Realtor. We left immediately to call and make an appointment. We met with their agent that evening just before dark and we only had a short time to look around before the sun was to set. I didn't need much time to look around though; I knew in my heart that this was the place. We probably spent less than an hour looking through all of the out buildings, barn and house. The land was exactly what we were looking for as well. There were beautiful rolling fields across the road that went with the farm. Even in the dead of winter, you could see that the land on this farm was a superlative among other land in the Valley. Further back behind the fields were several more acres of woodlands. Around the house area were lovely pastures, just enough space to put some horses, we thought. The barn was huge and in pretty good condition for it's age. Next to the house, there was a large vegetable garden. Everything looked perfect to us, and more importantly, it felt right! With no hesitation in our minds or hearts, we told our Realtor that we wanted to put a contract on this farm that weekend. We were beside ourselves with joy at that moment. Everything felt totally in harmony with our plans. To top it off, that Saturday was my birthday and we were ready to celebrate! I do not believe that I have ever had a better birthday than on that weekend in 1989. We knew in our hearts that the Universe had directed our friend to that farm earlier in the week and that he had been shown the imaginary "For Sale" sign (in his mind) in order that we be able to make a purchase prior to purchasing something else. The next task at hand for us was to get back to Georgia, finish a few projects on our house, and get it ready to sell. We moved like a colony of ants preparing everything in order to place a "For Sale" sign in our Atlanta residence front yard. For the sake of budget, we decided that we would need to sell our house without the assistance of a Realtor. At that time, I was working out of our home and felt that I knew our house better than anyone. I could be available at a moment's notice to show it. Once again, everything worked perfectly. Our house sold within three months of it being offered and we were out of there and on our way to Virginia on the exact day to which we had committed back in February. This had been an exciting five months from the day we found our farm, to the day we finally went to settle finances at closing. If ever there was something Divinely guided, it was our process in moving to Virginia. In one year, we decided to relocate, found a farm, finished renovating our Atlanta home, sold our house ourselves, and firmly landed in rural Virginia. We were exhilarated and exhausted all at the same time. Once moved in at the farm and unpacked, we stood ready for whatever else Spirit had planned for us.

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