Kenny Family Foundation



The Kenny Family Foundation is involved in human resource development. We believe that every person deserves to achieve in life and become participating members of society. In society, an individual's opportunity to achieve their potential, to increase their independence, to improve their quality of life - is not equitably distributed. Barriers to achievement exist for individuals, to organizations servicing individuals, to various subsections of society. The Kenny Family Foundation wants to lower these barriers as much as possible or eliminate them all together. The Foundation will operationalize its values and mission in the following areas: Development of Educational opportunities for all ages, primarily through grassroots initiatives; top down initiatives that support grassroots programmes will be supported as well (top down will be defined as initiatives developed at the academic, theoretic, or macro-levels). Support organizations that foster entrepreneurial spirit among the ambitious individuals, i.e. micro-finance organizations and grassroots development of small business Support organizations or persons that work with the socially disadvantaged. Persons ostracized from their cultural and legal support systems due to circumstances out of their control i.e. orphans, disavowed women in traditional cultures, victims of domestic violence, elder care.

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