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No. The EcoDrain only provides performance on applications in which water is being drained without a delay as in a shower. By contrast, in baths there is lag between the time the water is drawn from the water heater and the time it is drained. The bath is not a good candidate for heat recovery because whereas shower water enters the drain at approximately the same temperature as it left the showerhead, by the time a bath is drained, the water has typically cooled off to the point that heat recovery is not significant. If you are concerned with the recovering waste heat from the bath, the best option is to wait until the water has cooled off to room temperature before draining the tub. The heat will have transferred to the room. Note that this will only save energy during times of the year when you are paying to heat your home. Is the EcoDrain patented? There are patents pending for key design features of both the horizontal and vertical EcoDrain. The EcoDrain was developed after extensive research, testing, simulation, and analysis of the flow of fluids through pipes. The developers learned that the key to gaining high performance heat exchange in a compact and simple device lies in controlling the flow patterns of the drain water and the fresh water. All of the EcoDrain heat exchanger technology is derived from this research and the aims to optimally control the flow patterns of the heat transfer fluids. Does the EcoDrain recycle water? No. The EcoDrain is a passive heat exchanger. It makes possible the transfer of heat from hot waste water to cold fresh water. The warm drain water passes through the device without stopping as does the cold fresh water. Can the EcoDrain mix the fresh water with the waste water? No. Both the horizontal and vertical EcoDrain have been designed with a double wall of separation between the fresh water and waste water. This double wall is vented to the atmosphere. This means that there are two walls separating the fresh water and waste water. If one wall were to pierce, the device would leak to the atmosphere. The two fluids would not mix. My drain clogs regularly with hair, soap, toothpaste, and other debris. Won't the horizontal EcoDrain clog as well? No. The contact area of the horizontal EcoDrain drain is coated with a very slippery environmentally friendly non-stick coating. This prevents anything from sticking to the device and makes it self cleaning. For further assurance, it is possible to purchase a hair cover for the drain which dramatically reduces the amount of hair that ends up in the drain. For best performance results, it is important not only that the EcoDrain does not clog but also that the p-trap and the rest of the drain remain clog free so that the shower drains normally. When my drain clogs, I use chemical and/or bacterial cleaners to unclog it. Is it safe to use these with the EcoDrain? The EcoDrain is corrosion resistant and it is as safe to use chemical and bacterial cleaners with the EcoDrain as it is for the rest of the piping. How much does it cost to install the EcoDrain? The EcoDrain provides the most economic benefit when it is installed in a new construction project or a bathroom remodeling project. In these situations, when the required piping is exposed, the incremental cost of installation is negligible. Does the EcoDrain need to be installed by a plumber? The EcoDrain is designed to be easy to install. It simply requires connecting the device to the shower drain line and the fresh cold water line feeding either the hot water heater or the shower mixing valve. We recommend that it be installed by either a plumber or general contractor. When does it make sense to retrofit the EcoDrain? Typically, the EcoDrain will be installed as part of a larger construction or remodel project. In some cases, it may also be practical to do a dedicated retrofit. The key to a retrofit being practical is either that the cost of installation is low or the energy savings are high. The largest challenge in installation is accessing the drain pipe and fresh water pipe. If you live in a home with accessible crawl space, then the piping might be readily accessible making retrofit cost effective. If you have an application in which many hot showers are taken per day, for instance a commercial gym, the cost of retrofitting may be small compared to the savings. I am building a home on a concrete slab and the drain pipes will be in the slab, how can I install the EcoDrain? The EcoDrain is available with an optional concrete drop-box. This box allows the EcoDrain to be installed quickly and cost effectively in concrete slab homes. For more information, please contact us.

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