Central Saanich Little League


P.O. Box 89Brentwood BayBritish ColumbiaV8M 1R3Canada View Map



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(250) 652-6750


CSLL is managed by an elected Executive that administers the league in line with established bylaws, local rules and policies. The league is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. CSLL Baseball is comprised of: Blastball (age 3-4) T-Ball (age 5-6) Mini-minors (age 7-8) Rookie-Minors (8-10) Minors (age 8-11) Majors (age 9-12) Plus a Challengers program for kids up to 17 years old. Depending upon the level, the playing fields are slightly different in terms of length of base paths, distance from pitching mound, and distance to the outfield fences from home plate. What if I don't live in the boundaries of CSLL? Most likely you will have to participate in another Little League program, unless you lived within the boundaries while registered with CSLL and then moved outside the boundaries. In that case, you may be able to receive a waiver and continue to participate in CSLL. How much does it cost to participate in CSLL? For the 2012 spring season, it is: Challengers $20.00 Blastball $30.00 T-Ball $40.00 Mini-Minors $75.00 Rookie-Minors $75 Minors $90.00 Majors $95.00 for the season. There is also a $75.00 refundable uniform deposit and a $75.00 fee or $100 deposit for concession duties. When does the season begin and end? Please check the calendar on the CSLL web page for exact league dates and events. Typically, the spring season begins in early April. An Opening Day event kicks off the first games of the season. The regular game season usually lasts through mid-June, including divisional playoff games. The season is extended for players that are selected to the District 7 All-Star tournament teams. Additionally, there are Fun Tournament games in mid June for those who wish to participate. Where are CSLL games played? CSLL games are primarily played at Centennial park however the rookie-minors, minors, and/or majors team may travel to various parks in the CRD region. What days and times are the games played? All teams in CSLL are scheduled for one weekday and one Saturday game. Games may be played on Sunday afternoons due to rescheduling. Weekday games generally begin at 6.00pm and Saturday games are played between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. It is CSLL's desire to have games be completed before 9:00 pm on weekdays. Depending on the division and whether the team is home or visitor, players should arrive from 30 minutes prior to game time so they can properly warm up, and managers can get the line-up cards ready prior to the start of the game. Who umpires CSLL games? CSLL uses a combination of parent volunteers and paid junior umpires. All umpires are required to attend training clinics. A plate umpire and a field umpire are used in all games; unless a scheduling issue arises causing a shortage of available umpires. In the T-Ball division, coaches manage the flow of the game. When will I find out what team my child will play on? All teams should be formed by early April. Your child's manager will notify you of the team's first meeting. If you don't hear from a team manager by mid-April, please contact a league official. When will the practices begin? The goal is for teams to be in a position to begin practices at least couple of weeks before Opening Day, which is mid March. For Minors and Majors, practices typically begin the week after draft night. Actual practice schedules will depend upon weather and formation of teams.

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