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Superfund Partners is one of only threeSMSF administrators Class Super recommendsnationwide. BankLinkis another intermediary who enables your bank, credit union or building society to provide Superfund Partners with an electronic copy of your SMSF bank transactions on a monthly basis. We utilise BankLink for accounts that do not provide information to Superfund Partners via the Class system. BankLink has been in operation for 25 years and is used by over 4,500 accounting practices and more than 250,000 small businesses and SMSFs across Australia, New Zealand and the UK. If you would like further information on theBankLink system, please contact us. What are the benefits? The major benefits for our clients are as follows: Your accounts will be prepared and your return will be lodged significantly faster because we will not have to undertake any time consuming manual data entry. It enables us to keep your accounts up to date month by month, to better enable your contribution caps to be monitored to ensure you do not breach the limits and become liable for excess contributions tax. It also enables your pension drawings to be monitored to ensure the minimum pension is drawn and your fund retains the tax exempt status that comes with it. Because of the time savings we can achieve via taking advantage of the data feeds available and the automation our system provides, it frees our time so we can focus more on strategies and advice that help you get the most from your SMSF. It saves you time. Once your SMSF has been on our system for a year or so, and all data feeds are active, the amount of documentation we require and information we need to complete your accounts is significantly reduced - saving you time chasing statements for us. Please note that you will still receive paper statements for your bank accounts - signing a third party authority does impact this. You are not unfairly penalised with extra fees if your SMSF has a large number of transactions or investment trades - our system eliminates most of the time-consuming manual labour component of completing your accounts. It improves accuracy. When we take over a SMSF from another accountant we are amazed how often the investments recorded in the accounts are inaccurate - especially when it comes to shares as dividend reinvestments, rights issues and corporate actions are often missed. It keeps your fees under control. Due to the time savings we can achieve, Superfund Partner clients on average are paying significantly less than the average accounting fees most SMSF trustees are out-laying for their funds. For the current 2013 financial year to be eligible for ourcompetitive fixed fee packages, you will be required to sign all requested third party authorities enabling Superfund Partners to receive you bank, broker or wrap account transactions where available.

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