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A Spacious Place is founded on what we call our six "Playground Principles. Read an overview of our sixth principle, "Waiting With," below. Waiting With is a Spiritual Direction principle that chooses not to view "Persons as Problems," because "Persons as Problems" reduces the participant solely to his/her pain. Each person's suffering is deeply personal and deeply spiritual. We tread on holy ground when asked to accompany another person's pain. At A Spacious Place, we also avoid "The Lazarus Syndrome"; once we get a few spiritual practices and spiritual concepts under our belts, it's tempting to think we can advise others. We consider it best to attend to the person and to God's Spirit before offering any suggestions-and even then, we offer the practices as options from which the person may choose. Instead, we favor the "Breathe with Me: Spiritual Practice" approach. We view ourselves as spiritual-practice resources to our participants, providing support and hope. We offer suggestions of practices AFTER attending to the participant's soul and to the leading of the Spirit. We offer suggestions with humility. We also view ourselves in the role of "Midwife Waiting," serving as midwives, accompanying and attending to what is being created in a participant. We recognize that childbirth is painful; we also know labor ends in a new beginning: in new life and in new possibilities. Rather than seek to prematurely end the child-birthing process, we attend to the birth giver, reminding him/her to breathe. We also attend to what is being birthed in and through the birth giver. Our Waiting With symbol is the musical triangle, depicting the three-way conversation between participant, Spirit, and guide. When the guide first attends to and then responds to the participant and the Spirit, the resultant chord sounds a beautiful, triune resonance. How do you "Wait With?

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