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The Southern Humboldt Community Park was acquired for the community to use and enjoy. Our goal is for SHCP to become a hub for community activities. The SHCP is currently working with the Humboldt County Planning Department to rezone the property appropriately for community use while maintaining most agricultural acreage. One change we are seeking is from a land use designation of Agricultural Residential 5-20-acres and Agricultural Lands 20-acres to a Public Recreation land use designation. This change will eliminate the possibility of future subdivision of the property into 5- to 20-acre residential parcels and make possible the recreational infrastructure and activities we envision. While our application calls for about 300 acres of the Park to remain Ag-Exclusive, we want to change approximately 96 acres to a Public Facilities zoning to make possible the recreational and other infrastructure we envision for the Park in the future. A variety of advocate groups are working with the Park's Board of Directors to accomplish all the planning and studies required to accomplish this rezoning, so that we can establish community-driven projects on Park land. Once completed, the rezoning will allow for many events including retreats, hobby clubs, weddings, memorials, meetings and fundraising events for many non-profit organizations to take place regularly at the Park. Soon it will be possible for community members or groups to utilize the Park for a variety of different projects or activities. Those individuals or groups will be able to propose a project to the Board of Directors for review. Our vision is that the individual or group will then be responsible for all aspects of their project including planning, implementing, and maintaining their project. As a general rule, the Park's goal is to minimize its role in implementing projects. The Board of Directors is focused on acquisition of the land, providing basic infrastructure and Park administration.

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