Shantha West Inc



Shantha West, Inc. (SWI) is a Delaware corporation and a subsidiary of Shantha Biotechnics, PVT, LTD of Hyderabad, India. "Shantha" is a Hindu word meaning "Peace and Tranquility". SWI was formed in August 2000 to capitalize on recent advances in molecular biology, recombinant expression of antibodies, and to further develop and commercialize human monoclonal antibodies derived from the natural human immune response. SWI is using and developing human antibodies obtained from the innate human immune response as a drug discovery vehicle for identifying new antibodies and antigens for commercialization. The best antibodies for fighting cancer are made by nature. Exploiting the intelligence of the human immune response will help define important targets for therapeutic intervention thus enabling the rapid development of new classes of safe, nontoxic and specific biological drugs for use in the clinic.

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