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PenalTees was created to point the magnifying glass over the corporatization of our planet. Anywhere we go, we are constantly bombarded by corporate logos that are meant to instill familiarity. Our goal is to change the way people look at these images. Our medium is parody. Corporations use fonts, icons and colors to burn images into our subconscious. We use fonts, icons and colors to raise consciousness about what these corporate logos represent. The Free Dictionary defines brainwashing as: Intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person's basic convictions and attitudes and PenalTees Founders replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs. The application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as an advertising campaign or repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific belief or motivation. In the corporate world these definitions are termed "promotion" and "marketing". It's easy to see how the second definition applies to advertising: it's right there in the text. However the first definition also applies. Some would argue that corporations do not have a political or religious agenda. We assert that they do. We'll let you be the judge. Nonetheless, it's time to undo the brainwashing. It's time to flip those logos on their heads in an irreverent and sometimes offensive way. The objective is to shock our brains into questioning what we see: "Why would somebody wear a gas station logo? Oh, wait a second..." We applaud the activists who are raising awareness and bringing about change like the occupy movement and anonymous. Our hope is that you will lend us your chest and get out on the street to change people's perceptions about the images that indoctrinate our culture. And let's have a little fun while we're at it! Also, check out our blog as we explore how corporations are changing the way we live.

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