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We try to ensure that the company has the management and board resources available to implement its plan - and we are always involved in trying to identify and hire in senior management talent and board-level resources. We also act as an in-house corporate finance adviser to our management teams. In the case of WNS, we provided significant M&A support. Finally, we always leverage our global relationships and assist our portfolio companies to make senior introductions to potential customers. In some cases, we identified acquisition targets for WNS. DT: I would endorse that. Early on we had this credibility issue around the size of the balance sheet and who we were and Warburg Pincus really helped us address this. For example, when we were going head-to-head with the IBMs of this world, often one of my colleagues would take in a Warburg Pincus partner to meet potential clients. The input that Warburg Pincus provided at the Board level and on strategy was invaluable to the management team. We combined quarterly management and board meetings together which worked very well. In the M&A area, which we started from 2003, the support of Warburg Pincus was critical as well. The acquisitions enabled us to enter into different vertical markets such as healthcare and mortgage processing as well as new geographies such as the US. During the IPO, we benefited from the Warburg Pincus dedicated Capital Markets team in New York which ran the process. If we had been doing that on our own, we would have made some errors and it would have taken up a lot of our time.

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