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Green Dining Network works with several refiners and brokers to promote production of and education about biodiesel. Locally, we also work with Dynamite Biofuels Co-Op. One of Dynamite's goals is to make biodiesel available to the average consumer, and we are excited to be partnering with them in this effort. You can learn more about Dynamite Biofuels here. Biodiesel can be made from many types of oil, including virgin (unused) or used oil. Green Dining Network is committed to producing biodiesel only from used cooking oil (UCO) that would otherwise be disposed of in our landfills or used for other purposes. This philosophy minimizes landfill impact, helps protect our sanitary sewer systems and doesn't affect our food supplies. Green Dining Network also promotes renewable fuel production and education through involvement in groups dedicated to public policy, sustainability and the improvement of Arizona's environment and economy. We are active in the Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition, the Phoenix Green Chamber of Commerce, Valley Forward Association, the Arizona Restaurant Association and local media outlets to further this purpose. How does the biodiesel process work? Restaurants use vegetable oil in their cooking process. The used oil is called used cooking oil, or UCO. Green Dining Network travels to each of its Members and collects their UCO. We use large pump trucks for this purpose. Green Dining Network brings the oil back to our Operations Center for dewatering, filtering and cleaning. Green Dining Network sells the UCO to one of our biodiesel partners or to a broker that works with other partners. The biodiesel partner then creates biodiesel using a chemical process known as transesterification. This is a big word, but basically means "oil in, fuel out." Fuel is then tested to ASTM standards, loaded onto a tanker truck and delivered. The biodiesel is usually sold to distributors. Reduced emissions, cleaner air! Every 1,000,000 gallons of biodiesel produced keeps 12,000 tons of pollution -- or 1,200 dump trucks of pollution -- out of Arizona's air when compared to standard diesel fuel.

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