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Green Acre makes sure that every part of your real estate experience has a custom designed system surrounding it. So whether you're out in the car searching for homes, meeting an agent for the first time to sell, or have your home sold and are working towards your closing date, we've got the entire experience covered. We wake up every morning, come to the office and think about one thing and one thing only, "What can we do to help better the process for you the consumer? Then we start working and developing strategies. As soon as it's honed in and ready to go, we implement the change directly to your daily experiences, from the bottom up. At the end of the day everyone wins, you get an awesome experience unrivaled by any other company, our agent's time is freed up to better serve you, and we're happy because you're all happy! A huge additional benefit to our "bottom up" approach is how it affects your relationship with your Green Acre agent. With such a robust tech focused society wanting that new 21st Century experience, how could an agent try to sift through and manage all of those things while at the same time still making sure to give you their full and undivided attention to your real estate experience? We agree, it's pretty tough, and pretty much impossible. We realize that the real estate industry has become so complex, that for an agent to handle everything on their own is unrealistic. At Green Acre, we don't leave our agents hung out to dry. We have teams and specialists dedicated to simply reviewing and testing all of the changing platforms out there to pass down to you. This all allows your agent to go so far and above what a normal agent can provide because they don't just have their one assistant or partner on their team helping them, they have an entire company. Imagine if you were freed from all of the small minute details of your day, how much better service could you provide your clients? So which would you rather have, an agent who is completely self reliant and spread too thin, or a hand crafted real estate experience with a dedicated professional to guide you through every step of the way? Seems like a no brainer to us too! Real estate is our passion. We love what we've already put in place, but also understand that the only way to succeed is to continue to grow. Green Acre will always evolve, but the one thing that won't EVER change is our dedication to putting you first.

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