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BTS Equipment offers our clients over 75 years of combined hands on experience of buying, using and servicing tree care and industry related equipment. We understand the challenges of buying new trucks and equipment when our budgets that dictates otherwise. The mission of BTS Equipment is to offer sound, safe and productive equipment allowing our customers the ability to do what they do best without draining their financial resources. Every truck and piece of equipment we offer is inspected, serviced and fairly rated of it's over all expected performance and condition. We want our clients to know what they're buying and be completely satisfied with their purchase. We'll never claim to be perfect. Nor will we ever tell you that a pre-owned purchase is as good as new, because it's not. What we can tell you with over 75 years of experience is your pre-owned purchase is serviced with the intent of providing very good products and services at a fraction of the price of new. Why by pre-owned from BTS Equipment? Not everything has to be new to still make it beneficial for you. Your BTS Equipment purchase will not only save you thousands of dollars but also help make your dreams come true. Not ready or sure what to buy? Without any obligation on your part you can feel free to contact us and use our years of experience to help guide your next truck and or equipment need. If we don't have what you're looking for we'll even take the time to lead you to someone else that can. Our business is about helping people first.

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