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Acqua Plumbing serves you with experts in trenchless line repair. Acqua has the tools and skills to reline a pipes without digging a trench. Trenchless line repair is often a better solution than digging down to your pipes. Trenchless pipe re lining is a popular alternative to the trench solution. •DON'T BE FOOLED by our competitors when it comes to trenchless technologies. They might tell you trenchless pipe burst is the way to go in trenchless sewer repair, this is not the truth. The best, most reliable, and least damage only requiring one hole/ spot to be dug for the sewer repair is TRENCHLESS PIPE LINING, offered by Acqua Plumbing. Trenchless pipe bursting requires two or more spots/holes to be dug for the pipe to be repaired and limits in length. Unlike the method we use, the Perma-liner certified system (trenchless Sewer pipe lining) has many options as we can position our materials to make a pipe size change, directional change, and we are not limited in length as pipe bursting is. •Both may have the same 50 year warranty but the costs to install can be very much different, and you want to have the most innovative, state of the art, cost efficient method of repairs when it comes to your home or business. Many of the competitors out there will also try and inform you they are Sewer Contractors, what you need to know as a customer is that to be a LEGAL sewer and trenchless sewer contractor, you have to have a Sewer Bond separate from the Plumbing or contractor Bond need, also to be certified in both Sewer Repair and Perma-Liner Trenchless Certified. Make sure to ask your sewer contractor when receiving an estimate that you are paying for the LEGAL and certified sewer contractor, not just any person or company trying to swindle you. Remember to call the Smart Plumbers' at Acqua Plumbing, When it comes to knowledge "From the Faucet to the street our knowledge can't be beat!" We offer 10% off any comparable companies/ competitors written estimate apples for apples for a sewer liner installation.

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