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Harbaughs also win in business

By ZoomInsights staff

This Sunday, the brothers Harbaugh will face off for the NFL championship. Having two brothers leading their teams (Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers) to the big game has the nation abuzz.

At ZoomInsights, we wondered what ZoomInfo’s profiles of 65 million businesspeople could tell us about the Harbaughs of the business playing field.

Now, we can’t tell you if the 52 Harbaughs we found are in Jim and John’s family, but we can tell you that they hold C-level positions. In fact, one of them is CFO of a major health products producer. See the graph below.

Harbaugh Graph

With ZoomInfo, we took a look at the industries in which these Harbaughs are leaders. It’s a wide range and includes some that are sport-related. Only two industries had more than one C-level Harbaugh: Hospitals and clinics and insurance. Other Harbaughs who are C-level executives are in these and other industries:

  • Sports teams & leagues
  • Sporting goods
  • Travel
  • Film/video production
  • Newspapers & news services

Harbaughs are leaders in many arenas, not just professional football!

Imagine the champion prospects you can find with ZoomInfo’s data! Learn more about ZoomInfo’s profiles of 65 million businesspeople and 6 million businesses.

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