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Sometimes I’ll look at a sales rep’s activity history and see call after call, showing voice mail after voice mail, sometimes every two or three days. This type of calling activity really generates a lot of discussion and debate. I once had a business owner tell me, “We just keep calling every day, sometimes twice a day, until they can’t take it anymore and call us back.”

In my 15 years of inside sales, I’ve noticed that most reps struggle with their approach to managing their book of accounts. To find great opportunities in your accounts, you must be like a miner sifting through rocks looking for gold. Whether you have 300 or 3,000 leads in your book, chances are that only a small percent will be gold, quite a few will be fool’s gold and most will just be rocks.

Buyers withhold information from salespeople all the time. Sometimes it’s to gain a negotiating advantage, or to quickly end an unwanted sales call.

Last month I stood in front of a room of around 120 sales reps and ask them, “Raise your hand if you’d rather call your prospects on their direct lines vs. going through the switchboard.”

Have you noticed how many of your prospects these days have a whole lot of knowledge regarding what you're selling? There's a good reason for it.

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