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New app brings ZoomInfo's accurate B2B data to

At Dreamforce this week, ZoomInfo unveiled its new app, ZoomInfo for Salesforce. With a simple click, users of can now instantly update data in their accounts, contacts and leads with just-verified information from ZoomInfo's profiles of 65 million businesspeople and six million businesses.


Three critical questions for B2B sales: Why change? Why now? Why you?

Your company is facing an increasingly strong competitor – yet you won't find it listed in any Google search of the key players in your marketplace. But this competitor is playing a powerful and often-undefined role in almost every significant B2B buying decision. And it's the reason why a growing number of your apparently well-qualified opportunities are ending up with the prospect deciding to "do nothing".


It’s not in the budget

How often have you been told, "It's not in the budget"? That's probably one of the most common sales objections that people give you. And it's totally irrelevant to their actual situation. First off, if you get that objection – it's because what you said is too darn focused on your own product or service. You sound like a self-serving salesperson and they just want to get rid of you.


Quit starting over on every call – Get a first down instead

When working the phones to acquire new business, our second and third calls to decision makers too often don’t “move the ball forward.” Instead, we end up with the same “field position” we had after our previous calls. Does the following response sound familiar?


Four instant ways to relieve sales pressure

There are two pressure systems facing sales leaders today: pressure from the C-Suite and pressure from customers. When talking to CEOs every day, the top complaints I receive from executive leadership is that sales teams aren’t hitting their numbers and the cost-per-sale is too high. In markets that are becoming highly commoditized, executives have realized that their sales and marketing teams are struggling to differentiate themselves from their competitors.