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When a prospect requests a brochure

I was sitting next to Brian, one of my client's customers. The previous day, I'd led a "Selling to Crazy-Busy Buyers" workshop at their annual sales meeting. Today, he was speaking on how to best work with people just like him.


Read this email: Five sales tips for successful subject lines

A primary reason customers don't open your emails (much less respond) is vague subject lines. The authors of the SalesGrail blog write that the only thing worse than a blank subject line is a non-specific one like "follow up" or "materials attached." They suggest making the subject line "a message all by itself."


Four tips for effective pre-call sales planning

Stymied about what to say when you contact a prospect? It's especially tough if you feel like you don't know enough about their organization to craft a relevant message. Recently, Katrina wrote to me about her frustration with pre-call sales planning:


How to become a trusted advisor

More than any other title in sales, the one you want to own is "trusted advisor." When your customers call you their trusted advisor, you have arrived. Some think this title has become a sales cliché. They fail to realize it's not about the words. This title elevates you to a level that few sales people ever reach. It's a club you want to be a part of.


Sales leverage: What's yours?

Leverage in business can be defined as an advantage that strengthens your negotiating position. The primary leverage that buyers have is the ability to deal with different, competing vendors. Many sales people believe that their best (or only) leverage is reducing prices. But they're wrong!