Tips & Trends

Why is it important to pique your prospect's curiosity? The answer is simple. It creates an opening for you to establish a relationship at the same time it positions you as an invaluable resource.

So how do you do it? Here are a couple ways:

LinkedIn can be a useful way to collect contacts. But when it takes you from who you already know to who you want – or better still, who youneed– to know, that's when prospecting heats up. LinkedIn Groups can reveal all sorts of information about your prospects, if you know how to look.

Things have been going great. Your prospect said he's interested. He even confirmed budget and timeline. Then suddenly, he stops responding to your calls and email. Is there anything more frustrating? When you get iced, try these thawing tips:

Social media is a great way to find new prospects, if you use it right. That starts with your mindset. "It all boils down to having a strong, passionate desire to help people solve their problems," social media strategist Debra Bouchegnies told ZoomInsights. "If you feel like your reason for being a sales or marketing person is helping people find solutions to their problems, you will succeed."

How many times have you heard that excuse when you call a prospect? A lot, if you're like most of the sales reps who responded to our recent ZoomInsights survey. Some respondents think it's annoying but others are amused. "Who picks up a call in the middle of a meeting?" one wrote.

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