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Secret agent techniques for sales success

During your normal sales cycle, you’re trying to connect with the DM, schedule callbacks, and talk benefits (you know the drill!). But when you’re capturing contacts, you should intentionally avoid the DM and talk to others


For faster decisions, be a decision guide

Are you involved in a complex sale with multiple decision makers? If so, they probably don't make decisions too often with regards to what you sell. When you're dealing with today's crazy-busy prospects, the decision itself can be overwhelming.


Qualifying questions: What to ask your sales prospects

Time is money and no one understands that as well as a sales representative. Any time you spend pursuing unqualified prospects is time you could better spend nailing down your next sale. That's why it's so important to ask the right questions before you waste valuable time on prospects that will lead nowhere.


How to make the decision maker look good

When you are dealing with large customers, you might not meet the person who’s required to sign your order. The larger the company, the less likely it is you will meet them. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get as close as you can to that person, while at the same time using that distance to your advantage.


Selling is an unnatural act

As a salesperson, you have a job that many people would never consider doing. It requires something most people try to avoid at all costs: rejection. For that reason, I often say, “Selling is an unnatural act!” Unless you’re one of the very unusual people who aren’t bothered at all by rejection, you need a strategy to persevere and be successful.