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It’s not in the budget

By Jill Konrath, author of "Snap Selling"

How often have you been told, "It's not in the budget"? That's probably one of the most common sales objections that people give you. And it's totally irrelevant to their actual situation. First off, if you get that objection – it's because what you said is too darn focused on your own product or service. You sound like a self-serving salesperson and they just want to get rid of you.

So don't talk about your stuff. Talk about your value proposition. Then, if you still get that sales objection, here's what I want you to say: "Of course it's not in your budget. We haven't had a chance yet to determine the value it could bring to your organization. As I mentioned, we help our clients – and now you restate your value proposition – we help our clients reduce time to revenue on new product introductions.”

Then, follow that by sharing a recent success story. You might say, "For example, we were recently working with Big Deal firm – and after six months, they were able to realize these specific results.”

After you share the results, then you can say. "What we usually find is that people put money in the budget when it makes sense financially. So let's get together and see if it does."

This article originally appeared on the Fresh Sales Strategies Blog and is used here with permission.

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