By ZoomInsights staff

The Internet has done wonders for helping professionals find and network with each other. Tools like ZoomInfo make it easier than ever to find prospects and get hard-to-find details. New mobile technology plays a similar role. An app called “CanWeNetwork” uses the GPS in your mobile device, along with what the developer calls, “complex machine learning and decision science techniques,” to suggest nearby people you might be interested in connecting with.

Available for iOS and Android devices, CanWeNetwork is a bit like a combination of Foursquare and online dating. It provides proximity-based suggestions for people you might want to network with. It will even tell you how much of a “match” you are with each person. You can click through to their profiles and learn more about them, as well as see their profile pictures. If the person seems like someone you’d like to connect with, you can send a message.

James Sinclair, vice president of strategy and operations for CanWeStudios, told ZoomInsights that the idea is that if everyone walked around with a bubble above their heads saying what they do and who they work for, business would be expedited. “How can we afford people the opportunity to look around and potentially start a conversation with someone?” Sinclair said.

CanWeNetwork seems as though it would be best for people whose business relies most heavily on making connections, such as sales professionals or recruiters. However, Sinclair said people in creative fields are big users. He said they seem to have more desire to connect with peers than any other group.

Sinclair also said that his company’s app is particularly useful in dense environments, such as trade shows and conferences.

Lara Bandler, founder of LB Consulting and an avid CanWeNetwork user, told ZoomInsights, “I find myself using CanWeNetwork when I have a spare moment, when I travel in an airport or when I arrive in a new city. While I almost always have existing plans and a busy schedule, when a good opportunity arises — one can always make time. I am a selective user that is open to connecting with people where I see a value out of the gate.”

“I think for me, it has formally introduced me to people I have met or have passed in similar circles,” Bandler continued, “so it’s less about brand new connections but perhaps making second- or third-degree connections a first-degree connection.”

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