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Your time is money, so you want to schedule appointments with prospects as quickly as possible. Fortunately, some online tools help you avoid exchanging multiple email messages to find a date and time that works for both of you. One of these is TimeTrade, which allows customers to schedule their own meetings with you, using a Web link that directs them to a calendar where they can view your available time slots and choose one that works for them.

The solution has a variety of options, ranging from a free version for individuals to paid options for enterprises and retail operations – all with individual features. Depending on which version you’re using, TimeTrade integrates with other tools like Salesforce, HubSpot and commonly used calendars. It has inspired users like Jamie Shanks from Sales for Life to create a YouTube video about TimeTrade.

Using the calendar links

Brandon Uttley, social media product manager for Sales Performance International, is using the free personal edition. “I have started using it instead of having to flip back and forth between my calendar and email, as I attempt to list several potential dates and times for a meeting. That typically leads to a string of emails, where the person says, ‘None of those times worked for me…how about these days instead?’ and I have responded, then wait for them to email back, and so on,” Uttley said. “I also created keyboard shortcuts for my most common appointments, such as a 30-minute call and a 60-minute in-person meeting. Now, I can very quickly add these links to an email invitation, then sit back and wait for the recipient to respond. It's much easier this way.”

Trish Bertuzzi, president and chief strategists of The Bridge Group, told ZoomInsights, “I send the link in very targeted communications. For my business, I need to control my calendar and I cannot give unqualified prospects access.”

Mike Fretwell, manager of business development at HealthcareSource, said his department uses the Workgroup Edition and has a slightly different approach than Bertuzzi. “We use Time Trade in our email signatures, as well as in our marketing materials. We use a call to action ‘Schedule a 15-minute conversation,’ and we use the TimeTrade link in that button. So, then we’re able to track the organization and location the prospect is clicking from, and link the appropriate rep’s TimeTrade account to that link so the prospect can schedule with the appropriate rep based on territory assignment,” he told ZoomInsights. “We also use it on our website, with the same ‘Schedule a 15-minute call’ button.”

This approach has had mixed results. Fretwell said, “We don’t get as much response from the email signatures; however, we have had a lot of success including the TimeTrade link in our marketing materials and on our website.”

Other options

TimeTrade isn’t the only online scheduling solution, though one of its main competitors did close up shop. “I used to use religiously,” Uttley said, “but they shut it down. I also have used Doodle a few times, but think TimeTrade is better -- due to the Google Calendar integration.”

Bertuzzi also tried some free tools, but she prefers TimeTrade’s branding capabilities. “Branding gives a more professional look and feel,” she explained.

Regardless of the tool you use, giving prospects access to an online version of your calendar can save precious time and help you get deals done faster.

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