By Jill Konrath, author of "Snap Selling"

Are you involved in a complex sale with multiple decision makers? If so, they probably don't make decisions too often with regards to what you sell. When you're dealing with today's crazy-busy prospects, the decision itself can be overwhelming.

They may not have all the right people involved. They may not fully understand everything that has to be taken into consideration. They might not know how to differentiate from the competitors. They may not understand how to put together a business case to justify the decision. They may not include all the right info in an RFP.

But you know all this stuff. That's why it's important for you to stop selling and focus on helping facilitate the decision process itself. Find out what's prevented them from solving the problem before. Or, you could share a road map that outlines the steps that people need to go through to make a decision -- and who needs to be involved. And, if you notice things that they're missing, have a frank conversation about it. Tell them know how your other customer dealt with the decision.

Don't push your product or service. Instead, help. I mean it. This is about helping your customers make the best possible decisions for their businesses. If this is your intent, they'll feel it. When you're a decision guide, people trust you and will want to work with you. It's that simple.

This article originally appeared on the Fresh Sales Strategies Blog and is used here with permission.

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