By ZoomInsights staff

Ryan Patenaude had to build a sales organization from the ground up. When The Focus Group put him in charge of sales for Focus EduVation, the new spin-off had no customers, no prospects and no business! Patenaude needed to get the phone ringing, fast.

Focus EduVation provides assessment, content creation, multimedia, online tutoring and a host of IT services to educational publishers in both the K-12 and higher education markets. So Patenaude needed to develop quickly a database of prospects in the publishing arena, where many companies have thousands of employees.

He evaluated a number of B2B business information providers, but the options he found were too expensive and too outdated. They also lacked a critical piece of information for prospecting in the modern age: accurate email addresses. As he put it: "Who cold calls or sends direct mail anymore?"

Then a friend told Patenaude about ZoomInfo Pro, a Web interface that provides access to a B2B database of complete profiles on more than 50 million businesspeople at five million companies. He ran a quick test by using ZoomInfo Pro to create targeted lists of decision makers at various levels in publishing and then sending email messages to those people. He found that the quality, flexibility and affordability of ZoomInfo surpassed any providers he'd tried before.

Patenaude said he especially appreciates ZoomInfo's detailed profiles of people and the links between personal and company profiles. "I need to segment by roles, title, company size and many other criteria," he said. "When I have my list, I love being able to get a glimpse into the whole organization – from the executive suite all the way down to the individuals in the sales force."

Patenaude also prospects on LinkedIn and said he supplements his LinkedIn research with ZoomInfo data. When he makes connections on LinkedIn, ZoomInfo fills in any gaps and provides the complete story on the prospect and company. "Using ZoomInfo, I can always find email addresses and reach everyone I need to," he said.

During Focus EduVation's first year of operations, ZoomInfo's data helped one division produce $2 million in revenue. Another went from zero prospects to a "gigantic pipeline" of more than 5,000 highly qualified prospects. And not only did the company get the email addresses it needed, those addresses were accurate, as indicated by bounce rates below five percent.

As a result of Focus EduVation's success with ZoomInfo Pro, it is now a recognized name in the education market, Patenaude said. "I couldn't have done this without ZoomInfo -- there's no way!" he said. "Anyone who is not using ZoomInfo is making a big mistake!"

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