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Tips & Trends

Determining the most effective rewards to motivate employee referrals

Well-designed corporate referral programs can produce amazing results. Unfortunately, those results are often reduced by failing to maximize the number and type of motivators that drive employees to make high-quality referrals. In some organizations, 30 percent of employees make all of the referrals, with the other 70 percent of employees being inactive.


Background checks via social media: Should you?

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his dorm room, he probably never imagined that his pet project would become the center of a controversy in the HR world, but it has: Some companies have reportedly asked candidates for usernames and passwords to social media sites like Facebook. But doing so is risky.


The pros and cons of standardized job descriptions

Job descriptions can be a tricky thing. How do you succinctly explain the full depth and breadth of a given position? Perhaps that is asking too much—maybe it’s better to simply give a general description. In the face of these challenges, many companies and recruiters turn to standardized job descriptions to lessen the burden.


Using predictive analytics to find the right job candidates

Predictive analytics, which help businesses predict demand for their products and decide how much raw material they will need, can also help recruiters and HR professionals hire more efficiently. But just the term "predictive analytics" is enough to send some people running for the hills.


Tools for every recruiting budget

If you work for a recruiting firm with a tight budget, it can be difficult to afford all the best tools your peers use. There are free tools, but do they really work? There are inexpensive tools, but are they worth even a small investment? And there are expensive tools, but they’re probably not in the budget. So what’s a recruiter to do?