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The Mayans may have been wrong about the world ending in 2012, but there is a new doomsday prediction that has some people in the recruiting industry in a panic. In this case, the Mayan calendar

Analytics have become a fairly common part of our Web-centric world. Website owners can learn just about everything about their visitors in general. And you, as a recruiter, can know a lot more about the way potential employees are

First impressions are important, especially in the recruiting world. But when you’re interviewing candidates from across the country – or even across the globe – that first impression isn’t always made in person. Increasingly, interviews are happening over the phone or via tools like Skype. Even Harvard Law School is turning to Web chat programs to hold interviews.

One of my frustrations with the recently completed political campaigns was the implication that if we elected Candidate A, our business problems would be solved. You and I know that’s not true; an organization determines its own fate.

In part one of this article, Dr. John Sullivan writes about the necessity of a formal referral program, using data to find the best incentives and motivating referrals without using cash rewards. This article continues his advice.

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