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Is making a recruiting video worth the trouble? Consider this: In February, 178 million Americans watched 33 billion online content videos, according to comScore. Clearly, video captures the interest of Internet users, including candidates for your open positions.

Twitter gets that. It published a funny recruiting video in January 2012. The video has since had more than 1 million views.

“Corporate recruiting videos are moving from a ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘must-have,’ so if you have not yet made corporate recruiting videos part of your company’s DNA, then it is time to start doing so,” writes Kazim Ladimeji on

Tight budget no excuse

Producing recruiting videos doesn’t have to be expensive, according to Jim Stroud, director of sourcing and social strategy at the Bernard Hodes Group. Stroud told the audience of an webinar that when he was a technical sourcing consultant at Microsoft, he frequently created short recruiting videos with a small, hand-held video camera.

Not sure what to shoot?

A recruiting video should not be long. In fact, a study by Visible Measures indicated that 33 percent of viewers abandon videos within the first 30 seconds. At 60 seconds, an additional of 14 percent of viewers are gone. And by the two-minute mark, another 16 percent will have stopped watching, for a total audience loss of 60 percent.

Stroud said many of his videos were the result of simply asking employees to tell him -- in 30 seconds or less -- the best thing about working for the company. But he also offered up an innovative way to recruit IT professionals. Come up with a question that technology types might enter into a search engine. For example, “How does X programming technique compare to Y?” Then create a video on that topic that will come up in search results for that question. Of course the video should also weave in the benefits of working for your company.

What should be in your video? Smiling faces and action! Here are some typical examples Ladimeji listed:

  • The classic “Day in the Life” of a colleague
  • Profiles of individual staff members
  • “Why I like working here,” which focuses on key recruitment factors
  • Light-hearted, humorous videos showing that the company is a fun place to work
  • Presentation showing company benefits and perks
  • Company events, such as team-building, conferences, etc.

Okay, everyone -- this time with feeling

Whichever angle you take, Stroud said your main goals should be to entertain, create an emotional response and prompt viewers to share your video via their social networks. You want it to go viral — just like the Twitter video.

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